The judge of the Neurona case rejects Vox's request to continue extending the investigation to Podemos

The judge in the Neurona case, Juan José Escalonilla, has rejected the requests of Vox and Prolege, an association close to the PP, to extend the investigation of Podemos. In an order, the judge considers that there is no room for "more investigative steps to be carried out" and decrees the end of the investigation. When he receives an expert entrusted to the Police, Escalonilla will decide if there is sufficient evidence to propose judging the accused or, on the contrary, decree the file of the case.

The aforementioned popular accusations, Vox and Prolege, had requested another six months of investigation from Podemos, against the criteria of the Prosecutor's Office. The judge explains that he is still awaiting a police expert report that he commissioned in November 2021, as well as a police report on the analysis of the emails of Juan Carlos Monedero, one of those investigated. The instruction period ended yesterday, Thursday, July 28, and the car to which has had access, is from the previous day, Wednesday 27.

Prolege, an association that under the name of "jurists" appears in cases of political overtones against the left and whose representative has declared himself a sympathizer of the PP, proposed that the legal representative of Podemos declare in the case. The judge answers: “It has not been agreed upon nor is it considered skillful or necessary”.

In the Neurona case, the aforementioned Monedero, Rocío Esther Val, Daniel de Frutos, Juan Manuel del Olmo, as well as Podemos himself, as a legal person, are accused, among others. Throughout the instruction, different pieces have been archived, the most relevant being the one that dealt with a supposed box B in the formation denounced by the dismissed lawyer José Manuel Calvente based on third-party testimonies and rumours.

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