The Judge of Discipline expels three years to Reus and fined him with 250,000 euros

The Judge of Discipline expels three years to Reus and fined him with 250,000 euros

The Judge of Social Discipline of LaLiga has issued a resolution in the disciplinary file against the Reus in which he agrees to the temporary expulsion for three years of the professional competition club and sets an accessory financial fine of 250,000 euros.

The Judge of Social Discipline considers that, in light of the documentation in the file, it has undoubtedly been proven that Reus has failed to comply with the duties or commitments acquired – in the form of non-payment of salary installments – with its players, with the most serious additional consequence that six of them have had to leave the club.

These proven facts have not been denied by the Reus in its brief alleging the proposed resolution of the instructor. Regarding the sale of Reus shares by a company of US nationality, the Judge of Social Discipline considers that, although it is a constitutive circumstance of lawful purposes and conditions in themselves, it constitutes an operation that, from the point of view of its incidence in the sanctioning procedure, has no effect.

As the Judge of Social Discipline concludes, "the sanitation (presumed or real, total or partial, credible or not) of an entity after having made the infringing act and having benefited from it can not have enervating effects of the sanction."

Once the commission of the infringement has been proven, the resolution shows the concurrence of two essential circumstances at the time of graduating the sanction: the special gravity of the acts committed (taking into account their size and effects on the players themselves and the image of professional competition) and recidivism.

The necessary and automatic consequence (because the regulation does not foresee another alternative) is the expulsion sanction of professional competition.

That expulsion, according to the nature of the offense committed and to the objective circumstances concurrent in the infringing conduct, is fixed as temporary (and not definitive), and not in its maximum degree, as proposed by the instructor (of 5 years), but in the minimum for this sanction, of 3 years.

Additionally, and as a measure also provided for by law and the bylaws, the club is fined an economic fine of 250,000 euros, equally weighed between the two limit values ​​of 180,303.64 and 300,506.00 euros.

Against this resolution, recourse may be made to the Administrative Court of Sports within a period of fifteen working days from the date following notification, although the decision shall be enforceable, shall be presumed valid and shall produce the effects envisaged therein from the date of notification. .



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