The judge in the ‘Villarejo case’ imputes the former Repsol and CaixaBank security chiefs for the commissary orders

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6, Manuel García-Castellón, has agreed to charge the former Repsol Corporate Security Director Rafael Araujo and the former CaixaBank Security Chief Miguel Ángel Fernández Rancaño – both commissioners already retired – for the orders made to the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo in the framework of piece 21 of the ‘Tándem’ case, according to Europa Press.

Corinna assured Villarejo that the environment of the emeritus king provided him with female hormones "to leave it without strength"

Corinna assured Villarejo that the environment of the emeritus king provided him with female hormones “to leave him without strength”

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In an order of the magistrate dated November 23, to which Europa Press has had access, he agrees his judicial statement as investigated, in addition to Villarejo, that of his partner Rafael Redondo and that of the former Deputy Director of Security of Repsol Rafael Girona Hernández. The five are charged with crimes of bribery and discovery and disclosure of secrets.

On the other hand, he agrees to the statement as witnesses – with an offer of shares – to the former president of Sacyr Luis del Rivero (who was already represented as injured), to the person in charge of Security Rodrigo Álvarez Vázquez and to the former financial director of Repsol YPF Fernando Ramírez Mazaarredo.


In that separate piece that deals with the so-called ‘Wine Project’, which was opened in December 2019, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office investigates the illicit work that the retired commissioner and in provisional prison would have carried out through his company Cenyt for energy and the Catalan box.

It seeks to clarify whether they appealed to the commissioner in 2011 to prevent that through an agreement with Pemex, another of Repsol’s large shareholders, Sacyr Vallehermoso, from taking control of the board of directors chaired by Antonio Brufau. If proven, Villarejo would have once again commissioned the former president of Sacyr, Luis Del Rivero, as he did for BBVA – a matter that is investigated in a separate piece.

As in other separate pieces of the case, the proceedings were initiated thanks to the documentation and audios that the commissioner treasured in his home, who for years was recording meetings and conversations with third parties and who had 40 terabytes of information intervened in his detention .

La Caixa became one of Repsol’s shareholders in the 1990s, becoming one of its main shareholders with 12 percent of the capital, with a presence on the board of directors.

The financial entity promoted the appointment of one of its directors, Antonio Brufau, as president of the oil company, and he played a relevant role in guaranteeing the stability of the company during the attempt by Pemex and Luis del Rivero to promote changes in its dome.

The change in savings bank regulations led CaixaBank, controlled by the La Caixa Banking Foundation, to announce in September 2018 its intention to progressively abandon the capital of the oil company, when it still held 9.36%.


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