The judge in the mask case cites Almeida's right-hand man as a witness

The judge in the mask case, Adolfo Carretero, has agreed to summon the general coordinator of the Madrid City Council, Matilde García Duarte, as a witness, after José Luis Martínez-Almeida's cousin assured in court that it was she who provided him with the address of mail to which Luis Medina had to make the offer of sanitary material, from which the investigated commissions were finally derived.

Carretero does not put a date on the statement by García Duarte, Almeida's right-hand man in the Consistory, because the request for information made by the court regarding all the points that affect that email must first be completed: confirmation of the address, offers that They arrived, messages from Medina and/or Luceño, publicity that the City Council gave to that address...

The judge stops to specify the relevance of the two messages that Luis Medina would have sent to that address, on March 13 and 24. The citation of Matilde García Duarte is made at the request of the popular accusations of Más Madrid and Podemos.

In addition to being a collaborator, García Duarte is a friend of José Luis Martínez-Almeida and, according to his cousin, hers as well. That friendship with García Duarte is the argument presented by the witness Carlos Martínez-Almeida to explain why in March 2020 he turned to her and not her cousin to connect Luis Medina with the Consistory. That management was the origin of the purchase of 16 million dollars of public money in sanitary material, four of them defective according to the Prosecutor's Officeand six million that would end up in the pockets of Medina and his partner, Alberto Luceño.

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