The judge imputes Luis Medina for hiding his assets and gives him three days to pay a bail of 900,000 euros

The judge imputes Luis Medina for hiding his assets and gives him three days to pay a bail of 900,000 euros

The judge investigating the case masks believes that Luis Medina Abascal he has hidden his fortune to avoid foreclosures. In a letter echoed by the EFE agency, the instructor explains that he attributes a crime of raising assets to him and also gives him three days to pay a bail of almost 900,000 euros.

The judge in the mask case cannot seize Luis Medina because he only has 250 euros in the account

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In recent days, the judge in the mask case has found that he cannot seize the two accused businessmen. In the case of Luis Medina Abascal, the bank reported that I only had 247 euros in the account plus the yacht he bought with his commission. In the case of Alberto Luceño, the judge found just over 120,000 euros in his accounts, in addition to the house he bought with his share of the loot. An insufficient amount to cover the more than six million euros that both received in commissions after intervening in the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council in the first weeks of the pandemic.

The magistrate now understands that, at least in the case of the son of the Duke of Feria, what is happening is that he has tried to hide his assets to avoid these embargoes and for this reason he attributes a crime of concealment of assets that is added to those of fraud , money laundering and false documents that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office had already attributed to him in his complaint.

As revealed by, the summary of the case contains a tax report detailing how Medina and Luceño collected their millionaire commissions in the first days of April 2020 and how they quickly began to launder the money. Medina bought a yacht and two bank bonds worth 400,000 euros in total. Luceño bought a luxury house, four luxury watches and a dozen luxury cars in addition to paying 60,000 euros for a week in a hotel in Marbella.

Then came the lifting of assets. In the case of Luis Medina, the aristocrat began to sell the bank bonds in parts a few weeks after acquiring them. The last sale, according to the summary, was in the second half of 2021. That is, when he had already gone to testify at the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and already knew what was being investigated.

Our readers were the first to know about this new case of corruption because it was the journalists from who uncovered this exclusive, a week before all the other media echoed it. It is not the first time that it has happened: it already happened with the mask contract for which Ayuso's brother charged a commission. Also then, was the first media outlet to report on it.

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