October 22, 2020

The judge grants Rodrigo Rato the third degree

The Court of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National Court has granted the third degree to the former president of Bankia Rodrigo Rato this Thursday, through telematic control.

In a car, Magistrate José Luis Castro indicates that the Treatment Board of the Soto del Real prison has proposed by majority the progression of the inmate to the third degree, understanding that he is able to continue serving his sentence in a semi-release regime and is based on the reports issued by the professions of the penitentiary’s technical team.

The judge concludes that in this case there are the circumstances and variables that make him deserving of the third degree, having to add to this his advanced age (71 years) that would allow him, if the legal requirements are met, to obtain conditional release for this cause , as well as for the coronary diseases he suffers.


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