The judge gives Luceño 48 hours to provide bail of more than 4 million euros

The judge gives Luceño 48 hours to provide bail of more than 4 million euros

The judge in the mask case, Adolfo Carretero, has imposed a period of 48 hours on commission agent Alberto Luceño to post a bail of 4,023,966.94 euros. In the event that he does not contribute the aforementioned amount, the judge foresees that “the assets that are in the name of the aforementioned, as well as of the commercial company, be seized. [Takamaka]”, as stated in a car to which has had access.

Magistrate Carretero reviews the seizures made to Luceño to date: a property valued at 1,107,400 euros, various vehicles valued at 946,136.66 euros and the balance of his current accounts amounting to 1,219,140.70 euros. As the established bail is 6,206,644 euros, the judge calculates that the aforementioned 4.03 million euros remain to be provided, as requested by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

In the same way, the judge warns that if no assets are found to seize Luis Medina, the amount imposed on Luceño can be increased as it is "a joint and several bond". The judge also officiates at the Neutral Point of the court to report Luceño's assets, as well as to the Tax Agency "so that it does so of all valuable movable and immovable property he has abroad." The magistrate requests the same for the Takamaka company, owned by the investigated Luceño.

In the same car, the judge refuses to impute Luceño for concealment of assets and tax crime. Regarding the first crime, the judge alleges that Luceño "has not made asset dispositions after his statement before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office on April 15, 2021, because as his procedural representation has documented, the money from the sales of three vehicles was deposited in the accounts of the company Tamaka Invest, a company constituted by Mr. Luceño, who is the sole administrator”.

Regarding the tax crime request, which Podemos carried out as well as the asset seizure, Carretro affirms that the crime for which the investigations are initiated is an aggravated fraud with false documents and money laundering, "without existing for the Prosecutor's Office Anti-corruption a tax offense because Mr. Luceño could set up a company to engage in business, taxing it by corporate tax, without prejudice to taxation as a natural person, so that at the moment there are no indications of tax avoidance, especially when the company he created is also managed by him and he is the only partner”. The judge also ruled out imputing the aforementioned crimes to the Takamaka company as a legal person.

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