June 16, 2021

The judge decrees the seizure of Al-Thani’s assets

The sheikh and his children, posing in the press room of La Rosaleda years ago.

The sheikh and his children, posing in the press room of La Rosaleda years ago.

After nine months of intervention as a result of the criminal complaint filed by the APA, the future of the Malaga CF it seems increasingly clear and the outcome of this judicial process against the Al-Thani is reaching a point of no return. The head of Court No. 14 of Malaga, In charge of the case, she has decreed the precautionary seizure of the assets and real estate of the Qatari family in Spain, specifically in Malaga and the province. The value of the same amounts to more than 8.5 million euros, a figure of the guarantee that was already increased a few months ago.

The total is 8,518,898.04 euros, an amount that Al-Thani has not covered during the previous times that it has been requested. Neither have the guarantees presented by the sheikh, a loan and a house in Qatar been estimated. “There has therefore not been enough cash, or personal or real property owned by the defendants The value of which, once the seizures are locked, covers the amount of the bond, it will be necessary to take one more step in the seizure order, and proceed to seize the titles and actions of the defendants, “the order alleges

“The seizure of the shares and participations that the defendants Nayef Al Thani, Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, Nasser Al Thani and Rakan Al Thani have in the Málaga club de futbol, ​​Nass Football, Nas Spain 2000 and Nasir Bin Abdullah & Sons societies“. Clear and concise. In this way, they are forbidden to dispose of the shares without the prior knowledge of José María Muñoz. In addition to this, the high-end vehicles that the sheik and especially his children used during the period are also out of their reach. their stays in Malaga and the province: “The Judicial Administrator and investigating police officers, if deemed necessary by the former, are empowered to appear at the homes where the vehicles are currently deposited (Benalmádena and Benahavís), and proceed to remove the vehicles from the place where they are right now and be transferred to the offices of the Málaga Club de Fútbol SAD entity, in the Estadio de la Rosaleda, where they will be deposited and guarded by the judicial Administration “.

The seizure of these assets (several bank accounts, four vehicles and Málaga CF shares) has been, for the moment, the latest setback for the Qatari family that has led the Martiricos club. Also, this was the only viable option for them to meet the required amount. There are three lines of credit opened in Spanish banks by the Al-Thani: one of 1,814.96 euros Banco Sabadell in the name of NAS Spain 2000; another of 2,681.32 euros in the name of NAS Football and the third of 19,072.71 euros with Nasser Al-Thani as the owner. An amount of 23,568.99 euros. As for cars and motorcycles, the former president and his sons had a Mini Cooper Works and a Mercedes AGM V8 in the name of Nayef, a Ducati Xdiavel S by Nasser and a Mercedes E63 AMG under the ownership of Abdullah Al-Thani.

Now there is a period of three days ahead for a reform challenge or five if the defendants choose an appeal. And when the resolution is notified, with the complication that both the sheikh and his children are outside of Spanish territory, will proceed to the appraisal of the aforementioned assets and seized shares.

The judge also assures in the letter that the three companies (Abdullah Nassir Bin & Sons SL, Nass Football, SL, and Nass Spain 2000 SL, along with others from the Nass Group that – for the moment have not been linked to this investigation-, and the defendants, “have carried out operations in which the same assets have been moved indiscriminatelyIn fact, practically the only patrimony that these companies have had most of the time (except at the beginning of their activity by the acquirer of the SAD shares) is none other than the shares belonging to the Málaga Club de Soccer SAD and the money or cash coming from the coffers of the latter entity “.


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