The judge decrees provisional prison for the mother of the girl found dead in Bilbao | Society

The judge decrees provisional prison for the mother of the girl found dead in Bilbao | Society

The judge has decreed provisional detention for the mother of the nine-year-old girl found dead in Bilbao with symptoms of poisoning on Wednesday. Although still hospitalized, the judge has confirmed the police arrest and ordered his imprisonment at the moment when he leaves the Basurto Hospital plant where he is since Saturday.

Ada, and her daughter Chiara, were found lying in bed in the house where they lived, by the older sister. Both had signs of intoxication and the mother had some patches of morphine next to her hand and other medications used to alleviate the pain of an injury.

The emergency teams managed to revive the mother but not the daughter. The judge has taken a statement yesterday by refusing to lend it to the Basque police, who considered the main thesis that he intoxicated his daughter, and then she tried, after forcing the child to write a note in which he seemed to incriminate a third person.

However, investigators believe that everything was devised by the woman, which led to her arrest at 11:30 on Saturday morning. The Basque police is convinced, in the absence of the results of the autopsy of the girl, that the child died after ingestion of any of the medications taken by his mother to overcome the pain and depression suffered after an intervention to reduce his stomach that had made him lose many kilos.

The mother had cuts in her arms, which supports the thesis that after intoxicating the girl she tried to commit suicide. Some neighbors explained after knowing the facts that "gave the impression" that the mother of the girl was "depressed" because the medicines he took for some ailment that he suffered did not take away the pain. "But he loved his daughters very much, he played all the time with the little girl, and every day he took her to school," said a neighbor from the same portal. Another neighbor pointed out that she was operated on for morbid obesity a few months ago and since then she has had highs and lows.

In fact, that has been the first and the strongest of the theses handled by the Basque police. "The Ertzaintza investigates the death of the girl as a homicide," they said 12 hours after discovering the body. The testimony of the mother has not dispelled the doubts of the judge who this morning has decreed provisional prison for the mother.


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