The judge condemns Lidl to withdraw his kitchen robot for infringing the Thermomix patent

Lidl is defeated in the Thermomix trial. The section specialized in patent matters of the commercial courts of Barcelona has ordered the supermarket to withdraw from the market all the Monsieur Cuisine Connect kitchen robots for infringing the patent rights of the Termomix.

The litigation centered on the alleged plagiarism of the Thermomix by Lidl alleged by Vorwerk, the manufacturer of the machine. For its part, Lidl alleged that its kitchen robot did not infringe the rights of Thermomix, and in fact made a counterclaim for the judge to annul Vorwerk’s patent for “lack of novelty” with respect to similar machines marketed before this one, something that the magistrates rule out.

The Lidl food processor has similar functions to the Thermomix, and the biggest difference is in price: it costs up to almost three times less. And money, in addition to cooking, was also this lawsuit: Thermomix demanded compensation from the supermarket equivalent to 10% of the sales of Monsieur Cuisine, a total amount that is not calculated and that will only be established, in case of conviction to Lidl, once the sentence is final.


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