April 11, 2021

The judge attributes to Rodrigo Rato tax crimes, money laundering and corruption in business

The Court of Instruction Number 31 of Madrid has ended the instruction on the alleged illicit origin of the assets of former Minister of Economy Rodrigo Rato, to whom it attributes alleged crimes of corruption in business, money laundering and taxation.

The National Court approves the parole of Rodrigo Rato for the black cards

The National Court approves the parole of Rodrigo Rato for the black cards

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Judge Antonio Serrano-Arnal has agreed to transform the preliminary proceedings of the investigation into an abbreviated procedure, transferring the proceedings to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney so that within a period of 20 days they present an accusation statement.

The decision of the Madrid court is not final, since the parties will be able to present resources for reform or appeal in the next five days.

Rato was on probation after the approval of the National Court at the proposal of the Center for Social Insertion on which he depended, after assessing his age, behavior and the “antiquity” of the events for which he entered prison, the “black “from Caja Madrid.

Rato was serving a sentence of four and a half years in prison for misappropriation since October 25, 2018. The former vice president of the Government already obtained last October the third degree penitentiary or semi-freedom regime, which allowed him to get out of jail through telematic control.


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