The judge asks the Madrid City Council to report on the use, distribution and stock of the masks of the Malaysian company Leno

The judge asks the Madrid City Council to report on the use, distribution and stock of the masks of the Malaysian company Leno

Judge Adolfo Carretero has requested a report from the Madrid City Council detailing the use made of the masks acquired by the Malaysian company Leno, as well as their distribution and whether there are remittances in municipal warehouses. This is stated in a car, to which Europa Press had access, in which the magistrate accepts the battery of proceedings requested by the PSOE and the Socialist Municipal Group.

The International Chamber of Commerce confirms that Medina and Luceño used false documents to sell masks to the City Council

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In the first place, it requests that the Municipal Police of Madrid be released to certify the date of preparation and the person signing the 'Technical report on adaptation to the regulation of KN95 graphene masks in the context of the SARSCOV2 health crisis (Covid 19)', written in the summary.

Once the identity of the signatory is known, Mario TF, head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service at Madrid Salud, will be summoned on June 17 to be questioned about the content of an email sent to the manager of Madrid Salud, Antonio P. .. The statement of this witness is relevant in relation to the quality and homologation of the masks of the Leno company, the supplier of the medical material that was sold to the Madrid City Council for 11.6 million dollars.

Mario Tabasco would have informed the person in charge of Purchasing, Elena Collado, in an email that "the masks did not meet the minimum requirements and that the certificates provided were not recognized by Spain," according to detailed legal sources to Europa Press.

Similarly, it requires the Consistory to provide a report detailing several points regarding the masks acquired by the Malaysian company Leno, of which those investigated were allegedly exclusive agents.

Specifically, it is requested that the uses of the masks be detailed; how and when they have been distributed; how the masks that were "donated" by those investigated have been distributed, within the package of those acquired through Leno; and if there is stock or remittances of the same in municipal deposits.

It is also requested to issue an official letter to the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) to report on the degree of suitability of said masks in relation to the regulations in force in the year 2020.

Finally, it sends a European Investigation Order (not a rogatory commission) to the competent Italian judicial authority so that the Ente Certificazione Macchine (ECM) can be informed about the competence of this body to issue certificates on medical protection products and , in view of the certificates with the letterhead of this entity that are involved in the case, be informed about the authenticity, validity and content of said documents.

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