The judge asks the City Council for the alleged mail from Luis Medina to the address where all the offers arrived

The judge asks the City Council for the alleged mail from Luis Medina to the address where all the offers arrived

The judge in the mask case, Adolfo Carretero, has asked the Madrid City Council to deliver the emails that Luis Medina and/or Alberto Luceño would have sent to the email address that the Consistory kept open to receive all offers of medical supplies during the pandemic, according to a car collected by Despite the fact that Luis Medina and the person in charge of purchases, Elena Collado, declared at first that the mayor's cousin had put them in contact by telephone, the accused commission agent later retracted before the judge, assuring that the only thing that was provided was a email address'.

Carretero thus attends to a procedure requested by the popular accusation of Podemos, demanding that the City Council "report whether there was a general email in 2020 intended to receive proposals for the contribution of medical supplies, and if so, specify the specific address, the way in which it was publicized, as well as the emails sent to said address from the emails of those investigated (...) with the attached files that would have been attached to said emails, all in paper and electronic format ”, according to the car.

This new diligence is intended to clarify whether the commission agents benefited from favorable treatment by the City Council prior to the alleged fraud for which they are being investigated. The version of the email provided by the mayor's cousin to Medina was introduced by the councilor himself, José Luis Martínez Almeida, despite the fact that his budget coordinator at the time of the events, Elena Collado, had told the prosecutor in March 2021 that He did not remember if he had put him in telephone contact with Medina "another coordinator" of the City Council or "a councilor".

Precisely tomorrow Carlos Martínez-Almeida declares before the judge, as a witness. Professor María Díaz de la Cebosa put Medina and the mayor's cousin in contact because she was a friend of both. Last Monday she declared to the judge that Carlos Martínez-Almeida preferred to speak directly with Medina to give him the alleged email address to send it to her and that Díaz de la Cebosa bounced it back to the investigated commission agent.

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