The judge asks 1,438 million bond for former directors of Banco de Valencia | Economy

The National Court has requested this Monday 1,438 million euros of bond for the ex-presidents of Bancaja Jose Luis Olivas and Banco de Valencia Antonio Tirado and another 46 people for an alleged operation of embezzlement through loans to the project Grand Coral in Mexico.

In the car, the head of the central court of instruction number three, Diego de Egea, opens oral trial against 48 people for alleged unfair administration and money laundering, which would have caused a loss of 750 million euros. According to the document, the Prosecutor's Office requests six years in prison for Olivas for misappropriation, and two years for Tirado; For his part, the former CEO of Banco de Valencia, Domingo Parra, faces a penalty of twelve years in prison and is charged with the crime of money laundering, which he asks for the former Bancaja financial director Aurelio Izquierdo.

The investigation of Grand Coral was born as a result of a denunciation filed by Bankia Habitat at the end of 2013 for operations of capital contribution and financing of Bancaja between 2005 and 2009, which could cause a "patrimonial impairment" when having to provide "a part very important "of those loans.

In addition to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the State Lawyers, Bankia Habitat and Banco de Valencia (today part of Caixabank) are listed as indictments. The State's legal profession asks Olivas for seven and a half years in prison for unfair administration and misappropriation, the same punishment he requests for Domingo Parra, while for Tirado he goes to three years in prison and demands that the defendants compensate the FROB with 294.27 millions of euros.

Bankia Habitat accuses of misappropriation and lowers the penalties for Olivas and Parra to three years, and asks that they repair the damages both for the own Bankia Habitat (100.35 million) and Bankia (204.27 million). Caixabank requests Domingo Parra fifteen years for misappropriation and money laundering and, in a subsidiary manner, five years for unfair administration, the same as for Aurelio Izquierdo, while for Olivas he requests seven and a half years only for misappropriation.

It also calls for joint compensation to the FROB and Bankia for an amount of 479.5 million euros. Between 2005 and 2009, the ex-directors would have favored economically, in a systematic and unjustified way, the businessmen Juan Vicente Ferri, José Salvador Baldó and Juan Poch -for whom the Prosecutor's Office asks for twelve years in prison as authors-.

Among the suspicious transactions, the indictment highlighted the Zacatón and Piedras Bolas Project, in which the three businessmen obtained an unjustified capital gain of 138.8 million dollars paid by Bancaja and Banco de Valencia, which were transferred to their accounts in Andorra. in a maneuver that could be constituting bleaching and in which both Izquierdo and Parra would be involved. In this way, Olivas, Aurelio Izquierdo, Domingo Parra, Alfonso Monferrer Daudí, Juan Vicente Ferri, José Salvador Baldó, Juan Poch, Fernando Rodríguez Toral, Luis Candela, Marc Smet and Daniel Henry Kragt have to present jointly and severally before 24 hours 639.2 million euros.

José Cortina Orrios and Rafael Tomás Codoñer Seguí the judge requires 406.1 million euros, while for the rest of the accused the bail is set at 392.3.


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