The judge acquits Errejón of assaulting a Lavapiés neighbor

The judge acquits Errejón of assaulting a Lavapiés neighbor

The judge has decided to acquit Inigo Errejon of the accusation of having kicked a Lavapiés neighbor in the stomach in May 2021. The magistrate understands that the evidence does not allow to demonstrate "how the events occurred" and that neither the medical reports nor the statements allow to demonstrate that he gave him a kicked a man who asked for a photo. “The complainant, as he acknowledges in his statement, did not go to the emergency room until three days later and did so taking advantage of the fact that he had free time between some clinical tests and the visit to the specialist doctor who treats his illness,” explains the ruling.

The judge sends Íñigo Errejón to a quick trial for the alleged kick to a man

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In the trial, the prosecution requested acquittal of the leader of More Country when he understood that there was no evidence that, in fact, he kicked the complainant. “We do not have any proof of charge that is fully accredited that Mr. Errejón that day and at that time kicked the complainant, it is accredited that there was a request for a photo but not an aggression,” said the representative of the Public Ministry in the trial .

Both the politician and the complainant made a similar story up to the time of the alleged attack. Errejón and members of his team were leaving Lavapiés after the closing ceremony of the 2021 Madrid elections and had a conflict with a man who, they suspected, wanted to rob them. Meanwhile, the complainant, who was returning to his house after walking the dog and being with some neighbors, saw the politician and asked for a photo. He said no.

From then on, the two versions differ radically. According to the complainant, Errejón refused to take a photo with him and kicked him in the gut. According to Errejón, the complainant insisted and called him “red” on occasion and he finally left the place, turning around to rebuke the complainant before leaving the area for good. The alleged kick, recognized the complainant's lawyer, did not leave injuries although he went on to affirm that an emergency doctor told him that the kick had almost not led to evisceration.

The final account of proven facts leaves out that possible aggression. It only states that "an argument" took place and that, afterwards, "everyone went their own way". The complainant called the National Police to report him but, according to the sentence, the aggression did not exist. The magistrate also rules out that the witnesses provided by both parties have lied: “It cannot be concluded how the events actually occurred. It is obvious that someone is not telling the truth, but not who, and therefore it is not appropriate to deduce testimony for the initiation of criminal proceedings, ”says the sentence.

The sentence can still be appealed before the Provincial Court of Madrid, although during the trial the Prosecutor's Office announced that requested acquittal of Iñigo Errejón, so a hypothetical resource is only expected by the complainant. “What is relevant is to determine whether or not the accused kicked the complainant, as he affirms, and that he denies. And the truth is that, after the practice of the test, this is not accredited, ”says judge Fernando Fernández Olmedo.

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