March 5, 2021

The "Juan Carlos I" returns to his base after participating in NATO exercises

The "Juan Carlos I", the flagship of the Spanish Navy, has returned to the naval base of Rota (Cádiz), after a navigation of about a month and a half in which he participated in the "BALTOPS" exercise carried out by NATO in the Baltic Sea.

As reported by the Navy today, in this exercise, the most important organized by the Atlantic Alliance in this area, have involved about 9,000 troops from 18 marinas of member countries of the Organization and allies.

On June 5, the flagship of the Navy arrived at the port of Kiel (Germany) to attend the previous coordination conferences of the different areas in which the units were to be trained.

Four days later, he went out to sea again with the rest of the ships to position himself at the established points and start the exercise.

For 12 days, the Spanish ship, along with 60 other ships, participated in a crisis operation that was developed by land, sea and air through amphibious landings, surface combats, anti-air defense or naval support fire, between others.

"The role of 'Juan Carlos I' has been vital for the development of the exercise, not only because it is the largest vessel in the group, but because it was the only one that also had on-board helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft (AV- 8B + Harrier), which allowed an increase in training and brought more realism to the maneuvers, "explained the Navy.

The ship projected a landing force of more than 300 marines on several beaches.

After landing in the ports of Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Vigo during its transit back, the LHD "Juan Carlos I" has arrived at its Base in Rota.

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