The journalist Cristina Miter predicts an explosion of the podcast in MoJOMadrid

Barcelona, ​​May 18 (EFE) .- The 5th MOJOMadrid Mobile Journalism Conference, organized by the UOC and the Efe Agency, opened this Tuesday with a conference by Cristina Miter, author of the most listened-to female podcast in Spain, which has ensured that the growth of this format in the coming years is going to be "abysmal".

According to the journalist specializing in women's health and well-being, podcast consumption has not only skyrocketed during the pandemic, currently being the format chosen by one in four Spaniards, but it will continue to increase because, she said, "it is the most suitable medium to offer rigor, context, clarity and closeness ".

"The content is king, but the audience is sovereign," added the author of the blog The Beauty Mail in reference to "the two-way roads" that are social networks, where she disseminates her work.

"People tell me that I read their thoughts when I choose a topic for an interview - he assured - and what happens is that I am very aware of their comments and the return 'feedback' I receive, especially on Instagram".

In his opinion, the podcast "hooks the audience" because "you can listen to it while doing sports, while you go to work ... you choose where."

In addition, it is consumed "with intention", because people "choose the content and the moment to listen to it", and they do it "with the intimacy that the headphones give," he said.

"It is not exactly the same as radio, because it is not content that is broadcast and then you can listen to the letter, but it is only on the internet, but it is helping the growth of radio because it is the way that young people have to enter in the middle, "he assured.

The podcast is closely linked to mobile journalism, according to Miter, because "90% of the people who use it do so through their mobile phone", and also to social networks that "allow you to create your own audiences."

The journalist has confessed that this format has "reconciled her with the profession", because it has given her a direct relationship with the listener and a channel to "disseminate expert information, without the space limit of the printed magazine, nor the need to create yourself a character that demands the video ".

Along the same lines, the Information Director of the Efe Agency, José Manuel Sanz, defended during the opening of the day the need for the journalist to have new tools to disseminate information.

Tools that this media is already deploying and on which it has wanted to reflect in these conferences, which have been introduced by Sanz and by the rector of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Josep Anton Planell. EFE

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