Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The joke that made Zidane the driver with whom he had a car accident

It happened a few days ago near Valdebebas and they ended up taking a selfie

Zidane had a car accident a few days ago in a roundabout on the road to Valdebebas, where he trains Real Madrid. He stopped before entering to avoid a car at high speed and Zidane gave him from behind: “I would have liked to meet you in other circumstances, but this is not bad either”, tells the Voice of Galicia Ignacio Fernández, who is the protagonist of the history.

Ignacio took the opportunity to take a picture with the technician, although they had met in that strange way: “I told him that if we could take a selfie, because people were not going to believe that Zidane had hit me. And very kind he said yes. He took off his hat and we took the picture“, still counting. As he trusted the white coach told him they could do the papers later. “I also told him that if he wanted everything was left in nothing, that we changed cars there and that’s it, ”he says, but that didn’t stop.

“The representative said he was very grateful because Zidane was going to training and was in a hurry, so he thanked him for having entertained him by asking for signatures, t-shirts or tickets …”, continues the account of the manager of Muebles El Barato.


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