Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

The joke of two diners to be incompatible

In the appointments of
First Dates

practically everything can happen. From movie crushes, to risque and even sexual conversations, discussions for differences in the political field, and of course, the famous rejections. Some of the latter have become a viral phenomenon on networks. However, what if the dating show proposed to have a appointment two completely opposite people?

This is precisely what happened to Gonzalo and Sarah when after the relevant presentations they realized not only that they had nothing in common but that they were incompatible. The jokes and the joking were the keynote of their meeting.

Gonzalo in 'First Dates'

Gonzalo in ‘First Dates’

It is not always possible to match two people. Sometimes First Dates you are wrong and this quote is the proof of it. Gonzalo arrived at the restaurant of love and met Lidia Torrent to whom he explained what he did. Videogame design and development student from Vitoria considered himself “a very sociable person, who I like to surprise, throw me in the pool and play a little

As for their studies, the reason for their choice was most unusual: “I have chosen them because it is lThe second industry that moves more money in the world, after porn… ”. Here Torrent assured him that “I think you are going to love the girl we have named you. Let’s see what you tell me later … ”.

Sarah in 'First Dates'

Sarah in ‘First Dates’

As for Sarah she came to First Dates in search of love because “I have not yet found a person who feels that he is for me. I have never had serious relationships. ” The law student saw Gonzalo but “the truth is that he did not fill me. My first impression was not a good one. It doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t like it. I prefer that they go more of sport or casual ”. In fact, during dinner they had no point in common, not even hobbies. “I don’t like anything in Japan, nor about videogames and that”, assured the young woman.

But for Gonzalo “that is part of my life, it is my passion, It is what I want to do and it hurt a little. That would have to be part of my partner, not that I play video games, but that I understand and respect them at least “.

'First Dates' does not hit with the appointment of Gonzalo and Sarah

‘First Dates’ does not hit with the appointment of Gonzalo and Sarah

“I love that they put us together, almost I prefer it, if they put someone very compatible at the end …”Gonzalo said. While Sarah assured that “I do not understand why they have put us together. Let’s see, I’m having a good time here with the messing around, but I don’t understand why. ”

Already in the final decision, the Marbella player explained that “I really liked Gonzalo, but I wouldn’t have a second date because I don’t see that we fit together, we have nothing in common ”. For his part, the Vitorian admitted that “the same thing happens to me, I do not think we are very compatible. I don’t believe what they say that the opposite poles attract and you would be in the gym and me creating video games

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