The jobs that an AI will replace in the coming years

An AI against a human

Since the beginning of digital agethe great technological advances that we have had in society are well known, among them it is worth highlighting the creation of AI, artificial intelligence capable of performing various chores by themselves. The debate began when engineers put to the test what an AI could do and the differences that was in the result against the work of a human.

In many sectors it seems that they are opting for the use of these intelligent programs in order to reduce their template and save certain expenses. Among the jobs that could be performed without problems by an AI, are the parcel delivery. Although parcel companies already use them, they want to incorporate automatic drones to send orders faster and more efficiently, although it is still in the testing phase, many experts see it as feasible within 10 years.

Another job that could be in jeopardy is security guard, since with the development of authentication systems, alerts could be given much earlier, and the protection would be consistent with other more specialized programs. Finally, we do not forget a position that is currently in high demand, but that does not bear much fruit, so it could change radically in time, and it is the field of Customer Support. It is true that it is already being implemented in many companies. However, the typical 'call center' could have their days numbered.