The Jesuits say they want to correct the mistakes of the past and that their schools are safe

The director of the Jesuits in Catalonia, Enric Masllorens, has assured Efe that their schools "are safe" and want to "correct errors of the past", in reference to the investigation initiated by the religious company on possible cases of child abuse from the 60s

According to Masllorens, this research "has not responded to any specific case or any specific need or social alarm", but work in this sense "for consistency" with their values.

For the religious company it is "important to accompany the possible victims of abuse", Masllorens has acknowledged and added that they have a department that works on abuses and prepares training and workshops for students, teachers and parents.

For the director of the institution in Catalonia, the important thing is to "look ahead", since "now are different times", the church "is no longer the church of yesteryear and we are in a moment of wanting to assume our responsibilities and act a lot best".

In this sense, Masllorens has repeated: "our schools are absolutely safe and this type of activities are not given and if they have been given, we want to investigate them and we will reach the consequences that are necessary".

In order to obtain more information, Jesuits has returned to make public the email address that has been operating for some time in which they collect the possible comments of testimonies of sexual abuse, recalled the director of Jesuits in Catalonia.

If we have evidence, testimonies or complaints of a past case, "we talk to the possible victims to accompany them and give them peace of mind that things are now going well and ask for their forgiveness," the director acknowledged.

At the moment, contacts to the mail "are few" and many of the testimonies respond after the investigation that had been "wrong" the episode, and that had been recorded from rumors that have never been verified, according to Masllorens.

The person in charge of the religious institution has informed that "they are working in the same line of investigation with the rest of Spanish provinces where the religious order has presence".


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