Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The JEC leaves in the hands of the Provincial Councils the holding of electoral events in Catalan prisons

La JEC deja en manos de las Juntas Provinciales la celebración de actos electorales en prisiones catalanas

The Central Electoral Board (JEC) has moved to the Provincial Electoral Boards of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Tarragona the decision to allow, or not, the realization of electoral acts in the penitentiary centers located in Catalunya.

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On the other hand, it has refused to hold the electoral acts requested in the centers of Soto del Real and Alcalá Meco. He has also stated the impossibility of Oriol Junqueras to participate from prison in the TV debates that will take place next week, claiming that it has been requested at short notice. In addition, remember that the Central Electoral Board "lacks the competence to decide on the release of remand prisoners" with regard to the request to participate in person in both debates.

Junqueras will not be able to leave to participate in the televised debates

In addition, the Central Electoral Board has rejected JxCat's request that his head of the list to Congress for Barcelona, Jordi Sànchez, currently in preventive detention, participate in a debate election in the Soto del Real penitentiary center (Madrid).

The Electoral Board ruled on it last week, but to delegate this issue to the Supreme Court itself. In a recent ruling, the Court declared that deciding on the debate in jail is not among its competences, so it returned the resolution to the JEC.

Jordi Sánchez will not be able to participate in an electoral debate in Soto del Real

For this reason, the Board has opted to deny the request and argue that the debate proposal suffers from "lack of specificity", since it does not "detail its characteristics" and "it does not even include the acceptance of other candidates who could participate in it. "

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