May 10, 2021

The Japanese prosecutor presents new formal accusations against Carlos Ghosn

The Japanese prosecutor presents new formal accusations against Carlos Ghosn

The Tokyo office of the public prosecutor formally accused the former president of Nissan Carlos Ghosn of not declaring part of his income agreed with the company and of violating the confidence of the same, which adds to other charges.

The prosecution presented this new accusation before the Tokyo court that is handling the case on the same day as the provisional detention period of Ghosn, who remains under arrest in a prison in the Japanese capital since November 19 and who yesterday he could not appear because he was indisposed due to having a high fever.

The defense of Ghosn, meanwhile, has announced that it will request today the bail of the accused at the end of the term of provisional detention that had set the court, according to his team of lawyers in a press release.

The first of the new formal charges argues that Ghosn would have violated Japanese business regulations by using Nissan Motor to cover a series of personal financial losses during the 2008 crisis and payments made to a Saudi businessman, the court said in a statement. .

The prosecution also accuses Ghosn, Nissan and Gregg Kelly, another senior executive of the firm, of not having declared part of the compensation received by the head of the company between March 2015 and March 2018, a period that covers the last three fiscal years Nipponese.

This is in addition to the formal accusation for this same crime in the period between March 2011 and 2015, which was already processed by the Tokyo court last December.

The amounts allegedly not declared by the French-Brazilian entrepreneur to the Japanese authorities amount to about 9,000 million yen (72 million euros / 83 million dollars) over a period of eight years, according to the documentation submitted by the prosecution.

The executive, 64, denied having committed irregularities during his first appearance before a judge last Tuesday, while his defense stated that Nissan had given the go-ahead to all the compensation received by Ghosn and that therefore the crime of violating the The company's confidence did not apply.

For this reason, his lawyers presented last Wednesday a request in court to obtain the release of the accused, a request that was rejected by the judge.


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