The Japanese prosecutor meditates to interrogate the wife of Carlos Ghosn

The Japanese prosecutor meditates to interrogate the wife of Carlos Ghosn

The Japanese prosecutor's office is considering questioning the wife of Carlos Ghosn on suspicion that part of the payments of Nissan Motor to an Oman company were diverted to accounts of a company on behalf of the woman, told the Kyodo news agency close to the case.

The prosecution suspects that the company on behalf of Carole Ghosn used part of these diverted funds to acquire a yacht for family use.

The same prosecutor's office seized Thursday, day in which Carlos Ghosn was arrested again accused of a fourth crime, the passport and a mobile phone of the woman,

The new proceedings that brought Ghosn back to prison are related to a series of transfers made in 2015 and 2018 to a distributor in Oman that, according to the prosecution, ended up in part in bank accounts controlled by Ghosn and his family, including in the coffers of a company represented by his wife.

The Tokyo court hearing the case approved Friday to extend the detention of Carlos Ghosn for another 10 days until April 14.

The preventive detention could be extended after another ten days if the court considers that more time is needed to investigate in order to present a formal accusation against the Franco-Brazilian businessman.

Ghosn, 65, was arrested for the first time on November 19 in Tokyo, accused of having concealed from the financial authorities of Japan millions in compensation supposedly agreed with Nissan.

About the employer weigh three formal accusations, two related to the concealment of compensation, and a third of Nissan's abuse of confidence for allegedly using funds from the company to cover personal financial losses and make payments, unjustified for the company, to a Saudi businessman.

The lawyers of Ghosn, who denies all the charges, have said that they will make public a message of his defendant videotaped on April 11, day in which the employer had planned to offer a press conference, something that will not be possible after his new detention.


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