The Jacobean exhibition 'Stars of the Way' extends its route to Portugal

The Jacobean exhibition 'Stars of the Way' extends its route to Portugal

The mural that honors Tino Flores in Pontevedra.

The exhibition of murals extends its route 230 kilometers to honor all those people who keep the spirit of the Way alive


Estrellas del Camino, the most extensive artistic exhibition in the world crosses borders and reaches Portugal. It does so with nine more works, spread over 230 km, in various stages of the Camino Portugues. The initiative, promoted by Estrella Galicia, is made up of 16 murals that portray local characters, with personal stories of improvement linked to the land and the Camino de Santiago. The project was born in 2021 as a gallery, made up of seven works painted by the artist from Ourense Mon Devane, which can still be visited in the last seven stages of the French Way.

The extension is made up of nine new murals that have just been completed by the artist from Pontevedra, Lula Goce, and the Portuguese artist, Daniel Eime, in five locations on the Camino Portugues such as Oporto, Matosinhos, Rubiães, Pontevedra or Padrón. Goce develops urban art projects all over the world, and Eime stands out for his stencils that he has exhibited in different countries in recent years. Next to each of these Camino works there is a milestone with a QR code through which you can access the project website to learn about the story behind Las Estrellas del Camino. The company Hijos de Rivera explains that it wants to continue paying tribute to the true protagonists of the Camino, those people who live it, make it their own and manage to maintain it, making their houses, towns and villages available to the thousands of pilgrims who enjoy each year of an unforgettable trip.

«From Estrella Galicia we want to pay tribute to those who make the Camino a unique and unforgettable experience. The nine people who star in these works perfectly reflect the non-conformist spirit of our brand and the Way, and for us it has been an honor to be able to tell their stories through the talent of Lula and Daniel", comments Santiago Miguélez, Marketing Director of the company .

Mural exhibited in Padrón by Milagros González, a well-known pimenteira expert in the area.

The protagonists of the exhibition represent a story of personal struggle that reflects their bond with the land and with the Camino. Artists, craftsmen, or athletes who embody the spirit of the pilgrim, with values ​​such as self-improvement, perseverance and twinning. The stories of characters such as Joaquim Sá, Andrea González, Tino Lores or Milagros González, among others, will decorate the Jacobean routes from Porto to Santiago.

Dialogue and twinning

The history of Galicia and Portugal is that of two brother towns, which have maintained an indissoluble bond over the centuries, with the Way as a fundamental connector. Dialogue is an essential part of this trip, as a link between people from different countries and cultures, who share a multitude of experiences on their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

For this reason, dialogue is the guiding thread of this new exhibition, in which Lula Goce and Daniel Eime will alternate their works throughout the itinerary, establishing a conversation through the murals and reinforcing the idea of ​​exchange, so present in the Road.

A landmark will be placed very close to each mural, with detailed information on each person portrayed. These new landmarks will be part of the new artistic route of the road.

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