The Italian prosecutor files the eight complaints of Juana Rivas against her ex-husband | Society

The Italian prosecutor files the eight complaints of Juana Rivas against her ex-husband | Society

The Italian prosecutor has filed the eight complaints that Juana Rivas had filed for abuse against his ex-partner, the Italian Francesco Arcuri. The sources explained that among them is the one that Rivas in July 2016 in Spain, in which he sheltered to refuse to give the father to the children, 4 and 12 years old. The rejection is due, according to the text, to the "lack of consistency" and the lack of evidence, according to the text and sources of Arcuri's defense.

The Italian justice has unified in a single procedure the various complaints that Rivas, sentenced to five years in prison for abduction of minors, has submitted between 2016 and the end of last year, as recorded in the brief filed by the prosecutor. The decision will be appealed by the lawyer of the woman in Italy, María Eugenia Álvarez, as she progressed after hearing the ruling.

The decision of the Italian justice is largely based on the report prepared by the judicial expert in the process of custody of the children followed in the Court of Cagliari, which defines Arcuri as "a caring father who cares for their children "and emphasizes the" degree of manipulation "exercised by the mother with respect to her eldest son.

The Italian Justice granted the exclusive custody of the two children to Arcuri on March 20, although he allowed Rivas to see them one weekend out of two if he lives in Italy or one in five if he lives in Spain. The Court of Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, began this civil process in November 2017 and left it for sentencing on 21 February.

The children live with the father in the Italian municipality of Carloforte, on the island of San Pietro, in the south of Sardinia, since August 2017, when Rivas complied with the court order in Spain forcing him to hand them over to his father.

Last March 14 the Audiencia of Granada confirmed the sentence against Juana Rivas to five years in prison for two crimes of child abduction, imposed by the Criminal Court 1, after he remained unaccounted for in the summer of 2017 with his two children so as not to give them to the father. Rivas was also sentenced to six years of disbarment for the parental rights of her two children. The ruling also obligated her to pay the costs of the proceedings, including those of the prosecution, and to compensate Arcuri, convicted in 2009 in Spain for mistreatment and to which she returned to denounce in 2016.


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