The islands to phase 3 and Lleida remains in 1, new demands of the de-escalation

The de-escalation progresses unevenly in the different territories: while the Balearic Islands have requested that Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera go to phase 3, like the Canary Islands with El Hierro, La Graciosa and La Gomera, Catalonia has opted for Lleida to remain in 1 and Madrid and Galicia want their relief measures to be relaxed without the need to change phases.

In addition, the Valencian Community has requested the Ministry of Health that its three provinces progress to phase 2, after a week in which it decided to wait for prudence, and Andalusia has once again requested that Malaga and Granada advance to phase 2.

After receiving the requests from the communities, the Government will decide next Friday on which territories meet the requirements to continue progressing in the "Plan for the Transition towards a new Normality". To date, the requests made by the different autonomous communities are as follows:

- BALEARES: The Balearic Government wants Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera to go to phase 3 together with the aim of allowing mobility between the islands.

- CANARY ISLANDS: It has also requested the passage to phase 3 for the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa, since the Ministry of Health considers that all the requirements for it are met.

- VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: After evaluating that the indicators of evolution of the pandemic are "in the right direction", this autonomous community intends for its three provinces to be in phase 2 as of June 1. Last week, the Valencian Executive chose to stay in phase 1 out of prudence.

- ANDALUCÍA: You have asked Malaga and Granada to go to phase 2 next Monday. They are the only two Andalusian provinces that remain in phase 1 and the Board plans to request next week that the entire territory advance to phase 3 from June 8, including Malaga and Granada.

- CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Your request is that the region of El Bierzo de León, the health area of ​​Bierzo and Laciana, progress to phase 2, considering that it has sufficient health, social and economic entities not to jeopardize mobility limitations provincial. The 26 basic health areas that have been in phase 1 since day 11 are not included in the petition, since the Board considers the relief measures in force for municipalities with less than 10,001 inhabitants to be sufficient.

- CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: It has presented to Health the request that Albacete, Ciudad Real and Toledo advance to phase 2, in which Cuenca and Guadalajara are already.

- CATALONIA: The Generalitat has requested the transition from Girona, Central Catalonia, Alt Penedès and Garra to phase 2, while it has chosen to leave Lleida in phase 1, considering the Health department to be the best option while controlling the last outbreak of coronavirus in this province.

- MADRID COMMUNITY: In its plans it is to progress to phase 2 from June 8, but while it has asked the Health Service to relax some measures of phase 1 and allow, for example, the reopening of shopping centers with a capacity 40%, the return to the classrooms of the students of second year of Bachillerato to prepare the EVAU and eliminate the strips for the walks.

- GALICIA: The Xunta has also requested relief measures, in this case for phase 2, among which it stands out that the Galicians can transit between their four provinces.

After the arrival of the different requests, the Ministry of Salvador Illa analyzes the documentation to determine what changes occur in the de-escalation


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