The Islands register 166 new cases of covid and one death in Gran Canaria

In addition, we must regret a death associated with the disease: a 62-year-old woman in Gran Canaria who remained hospitalized and suffered from previous pathologies. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 59,549 infections and 784 deaths have been registered in the Archipelago.

There are 2,238 active cases, of which 23 are admitted to the ICU and 197 remain hospitalized.

The Accumulated Incidence at 7 days in the Canary Islands stands at 53.68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and after 14 days in 99.04 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

To date 1,192,849 have been carried out PCR in the Islands, of which 2,781 correspond to yesterday.

Data by islands

The distribution by islands is as follows: Tenerife Today it adds 140 cases with a total of 26,930 accumulated cases and 1,723 epidemiologically active; Gran canaria it has 23,196 accumulated, 15 more, and 320 assets. For his part, Lanzarote adds nine cases, with 5,716 accumulated and nine active; Fuerteventura It has 2,514 accumulated cases, with 21 more than the previous day, and 93 active. La PalmaBy statistical adjustment, one case remains, so it has 573 accumulated and one asset; El Hierro, with no new cases, has 372 accumulated and remains without active cases, while La Gomera, also without new positives, it has 247 accumulated and 11 active.

The Archipelago has a web application to facilitate access to the EU Digital COVID Certificate for people vaccinated by the SCS. Read more

The Canary Islands admit that Tenerife "has gotten worse" and does not rule out that it will rise to level 3. The archipelago is eight points above the national average in the incidence at 7 days, while Tenerife doubles it. Read more

06 22 2021 17:44

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06 22 2021 16:48

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06 22 2021 16:41

The Canary Islands add 193 new cases of Covid-19. Read more

06 22 2021 16:41

The Canary Islands already have the fourth highest incidence of Covid in Spain, dragged by Tenerife. Read more

0621 2021 18:11

Contagions rise in the Canary Islands: 187 positives and two deaths due to Covid-19. Read more

20 06 2021 16:49

Two consecutive days without deaths from covid in the Canary Islands and 124 new infections. Read more

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06 19 2021 17:56

The Canary Islands administer 95.18% of the more than 1.5 million vaccines received. Read more

06 19 2021 16:20

Tenerife adds 131 of the 167 new infections of covid-19 in the Canary Islands. The Archipelago does not register deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Read more

18 06 2021 16:01

A woman dies from coronavirus in the Canary Islands and infections rise in 188 cases. Tenerife, with 140, accounts for most of the new diagnoses in the region. Read more

18 06 2021 13:21

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands will launch a new mass vaccination point against COVID-19 in Tenerife, with the capacity to inoculate about 10,000 users a day. It is located in the Santiago Martín Pavilion, in La Laguna, managed by the Nursing teams of the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria Hospital in coordination with the Tenerife Primary Care Management, it will have the capacity to set up 40 to 50 vaccination posts.

This action joins others already underway with the opening of new points both in Tenerife and in Gran Canaria in the last week to promote vaccination, which will continue to advance with other age groups as the doses contemplated in the Strategy continue to be received. of Vaccination against COVID-19.

18 06 2021 11:43

More than 30% of the population of the Canary Islands is already immunized against COVID-19. Read more

18 06 2021 09:05

A 72-year-old woman has died with Covid in Lanzarote, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands. The deceased She was admitted to the ICU of the Molina Orosa hospital since last January, as reported by the Island Health Area.

18 06 2021 09:02

Zero patients escape tracking and cause the virus to spread throughout Tenerife. Read more

18 06 2021 08:48

Nightlife opens this Friday in Gran Canaria after ten months off. Read more

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