The island where the tests of ‘The Squid Game’ are disputed, uncovered

Anyone who has seen the first season of ‘The Squid Game’ you may have asked him at some point. Where is the secluded island where the games take place? Where do they take the protagonists to play the guy?

Maybe Tik Tok user @thegoogleearthguy hit the key. Searching among the northeast islands of South Korea for a territory that Google Maps designates as “Seungbong-ri 승봉리” closely resembles the shape of the island from the popular Netflix series.

More real is the city where the series is filmed, Daejeon. The subway station where the recruiter recruits one of the protagonists to participate in the game, the market where the mother of another of the characters works … Here you can tour the city where the Korean series’ The Game was filmed del Calamar ‘, the new success of Netflix.


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