The Island Theater Hall is transformed into the Circus Stromboli – The Province

The Island Theater Hall is transformed into the Circus Stromboli - The Province

The company Bolina PuppetThis week, the witness of the Christmas program of the Insular Theater Hall (SIT) with his show The Circus Stromboli. In total, four functions of this assembly are planned for children from six years of age, and will arrive in the Council room on Saturdays, December 22 and 29 at 6 pm and Sundays, 23 and 30 at 12.30 .

The one of Stromboli It is a very special circus where the public finds tiny and giant beings. Attracted by the magic of the show, the small Pinocha she follows it with the illusion of being accepted and being able to take the joy from city to city with her large family of artists.

However, the envious Cucumber, who wants to be the presenter of the show, kidnaps the real Strómboli, forcing our heroine to unmask him with the help of Thumbelina and the rest of his friends and companions: the musical and the pike Family Trikitrá, which prepares a number in tribute to the circus's grandparents, or Brothers Botariatis, who demonstrate their expertise with dangerous and daring acrobatics.

From only five euros, tickets for this show are available for sale on the website and at the box office Cuyá Theaters (an hour and a half before each function will also be in the one's own SIT, in the Primero de Mayo avenue of the Gran Canaria capital).

With a strong family character, the SIT programming for the coming weeks also includes a puppet making workshop for the youngest members of the house whose places for the 26th and 27th of December and the 3rd and 4th of January are already sold out.

This workshop, which will not be held in the SIT itself, but in the Cuyás Theater Press Room, will allow its young participants to create Christmas characters, designing their faces and costumes, and prepare the role they will assume in the story that will be told later. .

Armed only with typical materials from the classroom, the little ones will give free rein to their imagination to face a great adventure, according to the organizers of the initiative.


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