March 3, 2021

‘The island of temptations’: The tense reunion between Melyssa and Tom

Sandra, Melyssa and Tom in & # 039; The Island of Temptations 3 & # 039 ;.

Sandra, Melyssa and Tom in ‘The island of temptations 3’.

The start of ‘The island of temptations 3’ has also meant the reunion of one of the couples that gave the most talk during the previous edition of the reality show, Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse. And is that the French did not hesitate to fall into the temptation at the first change and maintain a sounded romance with Sandra Pica With whom, finally and after his public break with the extronista, he began a relationship that continues 4 months later.

A courtship that was about to falter a week ago, when Tom and Melyssa saw each other for the first time after the end of the contest in the debate from ‘The Island of Temptations’ and the Frenchman confessed that he still carried his ex-girlfriend in his heart. Some sincere words that did not sit well with his current girlfriend, Sandra, who entered the program live to assure, very angry, that when her boy returned home she was planning to leave.

Finally the blood did not reach the river and Tom and Sandra managed to fix this pothole and this Monday they went, showing off their love, to the second debate of the new edition of reality. A program in which Melyssa was also present, with whom the couple has starred in a tense encounter.

Sandra, calmer than a week ago, He admitted that “I am very impulsive, I stir a lot. And after the previous debate I went to a hotel. From what I saw I could think that Tom and Melyssa might not have overcome it, but we talked about it and with his arguments he convinced me “.

Tom, for his part, revealed that “although I am not the perfect boyfriend and I have many failures, I love her very much and I think we will be able to fix it and be fine. I have failed her several times, but she has never failed me. ”

A few words that, clearly, Melyssa has not believed, assuring that “Tom left me on TV. I did not want to continue putting on shows, and Sandra yes, so you went with her. When I was bad I disappeared from television but you say the same thing to Sandra over and over again and it always comes back “.

“I think the two of them are playing a game to keep dating every week. I thought it was funny, I didn’t know if I had really apologized,” said an annoyed Melyssa before confessing, to everyone’s surprise – and especially Sandra , that he did not know where to go – that Tom left him his coat because he was cold and invited him to have a drink: “You asked me what time I was leaving the next day for coffee, but I said no“.


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