March 7, 2021

‘The island of temptations’ returns with its “most emotional” edition

The island of temptations.

The island of temptations.

After the success of the first two installments, with audience records included, “The island of temptations” returns to Telecinco this Thursday, with two faces known as ‘tempters’ yet to be revealed and “important news and twists that will surprise its protagonists.”

The new installment, produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with C Quartz Productions, was presented this Tuesday at a telematic press conference with Sandra Barneda, presenter of the format for the second consecutive time and who will now also be in charge of “The debate of temptations” -Monday between Telecinco and Cuatro-.

Shot in the Samaná Peninsula, in the Dominican Republic, throughout the summer, this third edition -which will last 11 weeks- incorporates a great visual novelty: The light of temptations. It is an alarm that will be activated when some of the contestants are being unfaithful to their partner.

“The contestants did not know of the existence and the truth is that it will be the key to this new edition because They will know that someone has passed the limit but not who, “said Barneda.

As for how this edition will be, the presenter has confessed that this season will be “lthe most emotional of all that have been done so far. “

“The good thing about this format is that it shows that something happens that we don’t see in real life, seeing our partner when he is not with us, and that makes many feelings emerge. What causes everything that happens on the island to be unpredictable, “he explained.

“This third edition exceeds the second. ‘Why?’ Simple, we recorded this edition a week after finishing the second edition (…) and three days later we hardly even remembered the previous casting. We got so deeply into this new one that the technical team told me they were already hooked. We all agree that this one is much better than the previous one, “he added.

Barneda will also be at the forefront of the debate that will take place live on the Mediaset set. “We have decided that Sandra is the presenter because the program needs the master of ceremonies not only to perform that function, but to live it, to be deeply involved in it. And Sandra, having been recording with the boys, knows everything, “said the content director of Mediaset, Manuel Villanueva.

The presenter and writer, who was already at the forefront of the debate in the first edition, while Mónica Naranjo presented it from the island, has shown “delighted” to be able to return to the set, and has indicated that they will be very important.

“If people do not see them they will not be able to advance in the narrative of the couples. The debates will be key, they will practically become one more gala,” he said.

Lola and Diego, Marina and Jesús, Lara and Hugo, Claudia and Raúl and Lucía and Manuel will be the five leading couples of this edition in which, as in previous seasons, they will live separately, without any contact between them, and accompanied by a group of 20 singles – ten boys and ten girls – in search of love, with a high degree of affinity and compatibility with the partners’ profiles.

Unlike previous editions, the separation of the couples to start the experience will occur when they disembark on the island and meet Barneda on the beach for the first time.

In this way, couples will only have a few minutes to say goodbye and convey their feelings to each other before moving to the villas to start living with the single men and women.

After becoming a television milestone with its launch in Spain a year ago –breaking audience records-, the phenomenon of “The Island of Temptations” plans to continue growing with a fourth and fifth season, at least for now, and depending on “how the public reacts.”

The new edition of reality It will be broadcast on Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. and the first installment will be previewed exclusively for Mitele PLUS subscribers.


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