‘The island of temptations’: More ‘edredoning’ | TV

After the great colleja that supposed for Telecinco close Big Brother, that with his crude administration of a supposed case of sexual abuse caused the escape of the advertisers, a bad business, Mediaset had to find a substitute. He already has it. Is named The island of temptations, even clearer in its purposes than that sociological so-called invention. The central argument is very simple: there will be or there will be no infidelity and ... edredoning.

The contest consists of inviting five (heterosexual) couples that separate into two spaces. The boys in a house. The girls, to another. No contact. Some houses where ten singles –According to the elusive lexicon of the program–, with the girls, and ten single, with the boys, they will test the sentimental strength of the participants. Periodically, the contestants are summoned by the presenter to a place, which they call La Hoguera, where they are shown recordings of their partner's behavior. It is about provoking the torment of jealousy and seeing, according to the respective behavior of the couple, if it will survive or there will be stroption or ... a new one will emerge.

All are kneaded with the same paste: abundance of tattoos, lean meats, many sculptural bodies. One of the contestants treated the singles, the temptation, of "Neanderthal fucking". The two mansions have huge swimming pools and are close to a beach that justifies living in a swimsuit. It is a heavenly place, which they would say to Fitur. The singles Y single, the less communicative, are progressively expelled by the contestants of the two houses, where an idle life is lived, in a perpetual spree that helps the contact. It is surprising how quickly affinities are created between unknown absolutes. It is a program recorded months ago and mounted consciously.

Of a calculated shamelessness, the criteria of sentimental evaluation are restricted to a strict concept of fidelity. But, in addition, the suspicion of simulation is perpetual. More than one of the participants has already been in other Mediaset competitions, which, like this one, are the quarry for realities Big house. If you gain notoriety here or on the island of Survivors - The propensity to insularity is striking in Mediaset - you can climb the ladder and be signed in Save me or Live life. In fact, to characters like Fani who, he explained, does not know if his father was the singer of Los Chichos or that of Los Chunguitos ... they should have already presented a contract. The Mediaset ecosystem lives on this.

When making the selection they did not get into complications. The Alex-Fiama couple, who participate in the contest at their wedding vigils, met at Women and men and vice versa (MyHyV) and have a channel on Mtmad, the Mediaset online video platform. Susana and Gonzalo started their relationship in a Big Brother What she won Ismael and Andrea leave First Dates. They also went to MyHyV singles like Ruben and single like Katerina and Melani.

Very similar to Blind trust, which Antena 3 did 18 years ago, the perversity of the program, regardless of the dubious authenticity, is not mainly in a quick courtship (pushed? scripted? unforeseen?) with edredoning. It is to propose to the spectators a stale voyeurism, as of cinema S of the seventies, and a sadist waits for what the couple will say, more or less deceived, in the next bonfire. The Mediaset itself feeds this unfortunate spectacle with a debate and the monitoring of the tweets of the spectators. By the way, it is a format that triumphs in more than one polite country (Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Canada ...).


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