Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The island of temptations, live


Ishmael He meets Monica Naranjo! The contestant is very nervous “!.


Monica Naranjo: “What happened to each one after these six months?”


couples They left everything to find out if they were made for each other. They arrived at the stake ready to test their love. What they did not imagine is that this experience would change their lives forever.


Today we will see EVERYTHING that happened after the program
The island of temptations What nerves!


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gala 11 from
The island of temptations!


Missing too little to start the
Gala 11 from
The island of temptations! Small reunions await us tonight!


On the other hand,
Adelina Y
José They have shown their love through social networks. Both have suffered a photograph of the “yes I want” that
Adelina gave to


“That’s how I’m worried, my mother, what suffering,” she says while eating a toast. “And he who else”, he adds dancing with his cat.


On the other hand, during the broadcast of the program,
Fani He didn’t talk about reality. On the contrary we could know through their social networks that at that time he was enjoying a dinner in the company of another person. Now he wanted to break his silence through the stories of his Instagram in which he responds with irony to the pumpkins of


For its part,
Andrea He had to keep up with many criticisms. And although she is very proud of the decision she has made, she did ask for understanding and respect: “First you should know the whole story of my relationship,” she wrote in one of her publications.


Through your Instagram account,
Ishmael He thanked the support he was receiving and assured that he wished the best for the new couple. Ishmael also added to feeling “liberated” in his latest post: “I feel liberated. After all I feel free. Sometimes you have to lose to win.”


The end of the relationship between
Andrea and
Ishmael It looked leagues. The couple went to the island of temptations to strengthen their courtship and eradicate jealousy. However, Andrea found in
Oscar, one of the singles, which is not in Ishmael and he was greatly disappointed with her for being unfaithful during the program.


There is less to start the
Gala 11 from
The island of temptations! We review what the reactions of the contestants have been in the last hours!


On the other hand, after deciding to return to Spain together,
José He wanted to put the finishing touch to his experience on The Island of Temptations by asking for marriage to


“Thanks to the entire @cuarzotv team that helped me get up from that sad sand and hugged me when I felt more alone than ever,” he wrote.


“Without a doubt the worst day of my life, I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t get the words out, in a state of permanent shock. Reliving him yesterday was even worse. So much swimming to die on the shore, so many times encouraging my teammates down that hallway hellish with the assurance that my relationship would never be broken and look, that’s life, neither more nor less. I’m broken, I’m not going to lie to you, but you know I will smile again. ”


For its part,
Gonzalo It was completely sunk and misplaced. After reliving his worst moment with the broadcast on Tuesday of the final bonfire, Gonzalo has shared with all his followers how bad he feels after what happened.


Susana Molina He decided to leave the island of temptation alone and break his relationship with
Gonzalo Montoyto. The couple had been together for six years and had come to the program to escape the routine and recover the illusion.


On the other hand,
Fani He was clear that he wants to finish The Island of Temptations with Rubén. However, the single decided to leave alone. “If he has entered here with a seven-year-old couple and this has happened to me. Why can’t this happen with me outside?”


The insecurities of
Alex, the approach of
Fiama with
Joy and mutual distrust have caused the wedding they had scheduled to falter.


Alex Good Y
Fiama they decided to leave together
The island of temptations. But it is not entirely clear if their relationship has been strengthened or not after the program.


Andrea decided to leave with
Oscar. The Malaga appeared at the stake and has agreed to leave with her. “I want to give you this so you never forget the special way we’ve met and I want to leave this island with you,” he said giving her a bracelet.


The experience of
The island of temptations finished for
Andrea and
Ishmael. For its part,
Ishmael He has decided to leave the island alone, ensuring that he needed time to know himself.


Last Tuesday we could see the final bonfire of
The island of temptations in which the couples decided if they marked themselves, with their partner or with a new love. We reviewed what happened!


Recall that after a promising premiere last January on simulcast in
Telecinco Y
Four, followed by an average of 23.2% and 2.9 million viewers, The Island of Temptations has established itself as the best entertainment product of the year.


In addition, they will try to resolve outstanding accounts. Participants may follow in a viewing room the manifestations of their partner before M
Ion Naranjo.


In this meeting, which took place just before the premiere of the program,
Fani, Christofer, Rubén, Susana, Gonzalo, Jose, Adelina, Andrea, Ismael, Óscar, Fiama and Álex they address individually and in pairs at what point they are in their respective relationships and if these have been consolidated or on the contrary they have been interrupted.


Good evening and welcome to follow up
live of the
Gala 11 from
The island of temptations! Six months after the last fire was extinguished and with the serenity granted by the passage of time, the protagonists of
The island of temptations They have met again to explain to us what their current situation is.

The vanguard We will be doing a preview of everything that has happened these days in
The island of temptations until the start of broadcast at 10:40 p.m.

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