The island network of libraries in Gran Canaria will distribute 60,000 euros to acquire new funds - La Provincia

He Cabildo of Gran Canaria has just launched the call for grants for the acquisition of bibliographic and documentary funds for the network of municipal libraries of the island.

The aforementioned call is intended to promote the acquisition of funds during this year, prioritizing desiderata applications for technical treatment and dissemination in municipal libraries. The amount that the Ministry of Culture of the Gran Canaria council will allocate to that end increases by 10,000 euros, going from 50,000 last year, to 60,000 euros this year.

You can benefit from this call all the municipalities of Gran Canaria that have a library of their ownership, which must allocate, from the resulting total endowment, a minimum of 10 percent for the acquisition of Canarian authors, or whose edition is made in the Canary Islands.

For the granting of subsidies, the Cabildo will meet different criteria, such as the population of the municipality, the units or library service points it has, its opening hours, its active partners, number of loans made during the past year or the economic contribution consigned by each municipality for bibliographic acquisitions in the current budget year.

The grant call has already been published in the Official Gazette of the Province, taking the city councils until November 18 to submit their respective applications.


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