June 13, 2021

The Island is liked in Madrid Fusion

From May 31 to June 2, the tourist destination of Gran Canaria lands in pavilion 14 of the Ifema Fairgrounds in Madrid, with all the heavy artillery of its gastronomic offer to attract tourist customers and business lines and with the intention of putting on the table the essential value of its territory and the influence it exerts on its cuisine, during the seventh edition of a gastronomic fair that is the starting signal for major gastronomic events.

“Today we are receiving the fruits of the work and effort of the vine growers and winemakers”

Juan SG Socas – Gran Canaria Wine Classroom


“We wanted to make a big bet on this fair, probably the most ambitious of all, because we are aware of the wealth and enormous tourist potential that Gran Canaria gastronomy has, the importance of it over the entire value chain of Gran Canaria gastronomy, and, of course, because of how much we are at stake in the coming months with the reactivation of the tourism sector with a view to the recovery of the island economy “, said the Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Carlos Álamo, who will be present at the fair.

And so, to show what in this sense Gran Canaria treasures and offers, the Gran Canaria Tourist Board, in collaboration with the Gran Canaria Chamber of Commerce, has two stands and brings together chefs recognized by the prestigious Repsol Guide and Michelin Guide and a representation of internationally awarded local products.

The main stand is in the general area of ​​the congress. Here, the Cultural Landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria, named World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is the ideal context to express the richness of the island’s biodiversity. In this environment you want to travel to the interior from the Island to congressmen, experts and specialized press.

The Island is liked in Madrid Fusion

“It is an opportunity to show the peninsular public what we are capable of doing”

Guillermo Ramírez – Pícaro Restaurant


In the center of the stand, the show cooking is the protagonist. Germán Ortega (La Aquarela restaurant, two Repsol Suns and one Michelin star, Mogán); Abraham Ortega (BIB Gourmand, Michelin Guide); Nelson Pérez (a Repsol Sun, Playa de Arinaga, Agüimes); Guillermo Ramírez (BIB Gorumand, Michelin Guide, Pícaro restaurant, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Iciar Pérez and Juan Carlos and Jonathan Padrón (Poemas restaurant, a Repsol Sun, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) will present how they interpret the territory and its products.

In addition, as ambassadors of the gastronomy of Gran Canaria around the world, the gastronomic researcher Nabila Rodríguez (Alchemist restaurant, two Michelin stars, Copenhagen) and Javier Vega (Dstage restaurant, three Repsol Suns and two Michelin stars, Madrid) will teach how they work and they interpret in a sustainable way the products and gastronomy of Gran Canaria thousands of kilometers from the Island.

For those who attend in person, the stand has high chairs and tables, arranged like a restaurant, so that it is possible to taste what is made there.

Bread, coffee, wines and cheeses

Artisan bread, island specialty coffee and award-winning wines and cheeses at the Gran Canaria Island Tasting will also be the center of attention in tastings and demonstrations. Amaro Rodríguez, Juan Socas, Antonio Márquez, Víctor Lugo and Luis Antonio González will be in charge of conducting these exhibitions that, beyond the fact that those present appreciate their quality and genuine taste, the objective is for them to understand the uniqueness and value that provides the territory where they are produced.

The second stand that Gran Canaria has in Madrid Fusión is located in the Saborea Zone, at the entrance of the same pavilion 14 of Ifema. This wide area will be occupied by all the destinations that are part of Taste Spain and here the protagonist will be gastronomic tourism.

Juan SG Socas, president of the Gran Canaria Wine Classroom, indicated that the sector currently receives “the fruits of work and effort” from the vine growers and winemakers who, some 20 years ago, thought about the recovery of the wine sector in Gran Canaria ” . Socas added that he intends to “convey to all attendees what our land means, tell them about our history, our climate, the influence of the sea and our volcanic land in everything that is made here, printing an identity mark.”

The Island is liked in Madrid Fusion THE PROVINCE / DLP

“I hope to contribute another point of view, the territory and its gastronomy seen from a distance”

Javier Vega – DSTAGE Madrid


The chef of the Pícaro Restaurant, Guillermo Ramírez, acknowledged that representing the Island “is a source of pride and responsibility.” In his opinion, «things are being done very well now in the gastronomic sphere and that I am one of those who attends this fair on behalf of the Island is a responsibility, but also an opportunity to show what we are doing. We are an island and as such we are sometimes far from the spotlight, so Madrid Fusión is an opportunity to show the peninsular public what we are capable of doing ”.

Javier Vega, chef at the two Michelin stars Dstage Madrid, declared that he attends the fair with “enthusiasm” because it is an opportunity for the public to see “the potential we have both as an ecosystem, as a product, as well as as professionals prepared for the present and for the future”. “I hope”, he continued, “to bring a different point of view, seeing the territory and its gastronomy from a distance.”

Gin and vodka streaming

The Gran Canaria Tourist Board this year includes two new bets, unknown to the general public, in Madrid Fusión: the purest vodka in the world (BLAT) and a tropical fruit gin (Osidian). Jonathan Rodríguez, brand ambassador of BLAT, will be in charge of directing the tastings and demonstrations. This activity, as well as everything that happens at the main stand in Gran Canaria, will be broadcast in streaming (https://bit.ly/3vqh1a2) through the social networks of Saborea Gran Canaria. An international call has been made for the island’s cooking schools and the tourist offices of Gran Canaria to connect during the event. The objective is for students to learn from the island’s professionals and for gastronomic quality to have the maximum possible scope. | LP


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