The Islamic Republic of Iran negotiates in Tehran with the Taliban

The Islamic Republic of Iran negotiates in Tehran with the Taliban

The Islamic Republic of Iran negotiated yesterday, Sunday, with the Taliban in Tehran, with the aim of stabilizing peace in Afghanistan, according to the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qasemi.

Qasemi said that "a delegation from the Taliban attended the Foreign Ministry and had exhaustive negotiations with the Vice Minister for political issues, Abas Araqchí," the official website of the Foreign Ministry reported.

The spokesman reported that "considering that 50 percent of the territory of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban, and taking into account the insecurity and instability in Afghanistan, the talks took place," with information from the Afghan government.

"The main objective is to find a mechanism or areas that facilitate dialogues between Afghans and the government of that country to advance the peace process," Qasemi said.

"This measure does not mean alignment with the Taliban, considering the critical condition of the region, it was necessary that these talks begin and see if in this sense the Afghan government can be helped," said Qasemi.

The Taliban, which held its first and last meeting with the Government of Kabul in 2015 in Pakistan, have since insisted on dialogue with the United States, which invaded the country in 2011 and maintains a strong military presence in its territory.

One of the issues addressed in the UAE was the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump announced that he plans to withdraw 7,000 troops from the country, half of the contingent he has deployed today.

After almost 17 years of armed conflict, the Afghan government controls about 55% of the territory of Afghanistan, and the Taliban dominate around 11%, while the rest of the territory is in dispute, according to the Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR) of the United States Congress.


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