Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

The Iranian government confirms the attacks on one of its tankers but does not mention missiles

The Iranian government confirmed today the attacks suffered by the Iranian oil tanker near the Saudi city of Jeddah and assured that they have been carried out "from a place near its passage corridor in the east of the Red Sea," although he did not mention that been caused by missiles, as indicated by official Iranian media.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abas Musaví said the situation of the tanker is under control and that "investigations into the details and the perpetrators of this dangerous movement continue," the Iranian official IRNA news agency reported.

Musaví added that between the two attacks there was "a temporary space of half an hour."

"In recent months, other acts of sabotage were carried out against Iranian oil tankers in the Red Sea and investigations are being carried out on their authors," Mousavi added.

"All the responsibilities of this measure, including environmental pollution in the region, lies with those behind this dangerous adventure," said the Foreign spokesman.

The tanker, operated by the National Petroleum Company of Iran (NIOC) and called "Sabiti", was attacked twice this Friday while it was about 60 miles from Jeddah and the explosions caused an oil spill into the Red Sea.

The ship "suffered damage to the hull when it was hit by missiles 60 miles from the Saudi port of Jeddah," IRNA previously reported, citing the company's Department of Public Relations and International Affairs as a source.

"Fortunately, the entire crew on board is safe and sound and the ship is in stable condition," the official agency added.

According to the Spanish-language Iranian television channel HispanTV, it was two missiles that reached the ship.

Previously, the website of Iranian television in English Press Tv said that the technicians aboard the NIOC vessel that were investigating the incident did not rule out "an act of terrorism."

The explosion "affected the hull of the vessel, causing serious damage to the two main deposits of the vessel, which resulted in an oil spill in the Red Sea," the station added.

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