July 28, 2021

The iPhone XR goes on sale: features and prices – La Provincia

Lo nuevos iPhone XR.

The American companyManzanalaunches this Friday one of the most anticipated terminals, theiPhone XR. The company has given an essential value to the color section, in which the new model draws attention. In addition, the new device is very interesting for many because of itsquality / price ratio, which is cheaper than the XS and XS Max or the previous iPhone 8 Plus, introduced a year ago.

Apple followers who come to a store where this new model is exposed, it is possible that the first thing that catches your attention is the device's own color. And that is, the range of six colors includes:red, black, white, blue, yellow and coral.

The new terminal of the apple brand presents aaluminum design7000 with six layers and6.1 inch screenwith the innovative Liquid Retina LCD resolution technology that also installs without frames and with? notch ?.

Obviating the theme of colors, the biggest difference between the Iphone XR and the Iphone XS lies in the configuration of the screen. The XR stands out especially in thecolor reproduction, while the XS screens offer higher resolution. In daily use, this change may not be appreciated, but in comparison there is a difference between the two models.

In addition, the screen of this terminal provides ahaptic unlocking systemwhich replaces the start button when you tap and activates the camera by pressing on the panel.

Another big point where the XS model and the XR do not match is that of thecamera. Here Apple has chosen not to place the double sensor, to leave the hand of thesoftware experience in portrait mode. The only sensor on the XR terminal has a resolution of12 MP with f1.8and it offers a wide angle with the possibility of makingzoom only digitallyThe portrait mode with adjustable blur after taking the picture is maintained.

On the other hand, in the partfrontalRides the TrueDepth camera7 megapixels, the same as his older brothers.

Putting the focus on the interior of the iPhone XR, hardly notice differences with their older brothers. In fact, this terminal can boast a processorA12 Bionicwith automatic learning functions and unlocking by facial recognitionFace IDthrough True Depth infrared that works somore accurate than in the previous generation. It is also somewhat smaller RAM of the XR, which is 3GB compared to 4 GB of the XS iPhones.

Instead, thebattery will be identical to the XSand you can choose between three models of XR with a different internal memory. In the most basic terminal will be64 GB, but there will be possibility of acquiring an XR with128 GBor another one256.

The 64 GB model goes on sale this Friday859 euros in Spain, Or what is the same,300 euros less than the most affordable of the XS iPhones.


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