March 1, 2021

The investment, central theme in meeting between the mayor of Quito and Eurocamaras

The flamboyant mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, offered Wednesday to the members of the Eurochambers a joint effort to turn the Ecuadorian capital into an investment magnet, in an event organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

"The clear message is to invite domestic and foreign investment," and the need to be "in direct communication with each of the activities," said Yunda at a meeting in which a hundred and a half entrepreneurs participated.

He recalled that 90 percent of jobs are generated by private companies, and noted that the municipal administration has the "high responsibility" to solve the problems of employment and underemployment in the city.

The mayor of Quito urged businessmen to work in favor of productivity growth, jobs, as well as national and international investment.

This "for Quito to have a huge sign as well as Hollywood (…), an imaginary city to invest," he said.

Yunda, who took office last May, also spoke of the need to maintain and guarantee legal security to work with "clear and stable rules of the game" so that "Quito is a totally attractive city" for investment.

At the meeting, city officials explained projects such as the first special economic development zone (Zede), which seeks the use of 205 hectares located near the city's international airport.

On the site, they intend to develop industrial and logistics activities of added value and with international projection.

The mayor reiterated in his campaign project to create a football stadium "unique on the planet" in the area of ​​the Middle of the World (north), with the appeal that one goal is in the northern hemisphere and the other in the south, and with this reactivate the area, along with other projects.

Tourism was another of the issues raised by the burgomaster, who asked not to focus solely on the colonial helmet, cataloged as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1978.

He also commented that they work in programs with the 54 markets of Quito to vary the focus and turn them into tourist attractions.

"There is a commitment from the national government, the municipality, the airport, the airlines (to) set aside a series of taxes, a series of taxes," he said about the need to give more incentives for arrival in the city.

Rafael Roldan, president of the Spanish Chamber, told Efe that the idea of ​​the meeting is to achieve a rapprochement between the new mayor and businessmen to join efforts because, in his opinion, the issue of investments is still "a pending issue".

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