February 27, 2021

The investiture starts without losing sight of the risk of other elections

The investiture process will start this Tuesday with the communication from the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, of the date of the debate, but his journey is uncertain due to the current absence of support, which keeps alive the risk of electoral repetition.

The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, after speaking with the socialist leader and candidate for the investiture, will be in charge of announcing to the public the date chosen.

Predictably, it will be done mid-morning after a telephone conversation with Sánchez, who will continue this Tuesday in Brussels, trying together with his European counterparts to unblock the renewal of the European Commission.

The recourse to the telephone route (and to a letter, according to Sánchez himself) is the only option left to the acting president, given the prolongation of the European negotiations. As it is not the first time that has been done by telephone, this has been his decision, according to his own words.

Sánchez has chosen to place the investiture debate in the month of July despite the fact that he does not have sufficient support to guarantee continuity as president without being in office.

Estimates at the parliamentary level place the start date of the investiture debate in the week of July 15 or in the week of July 22.

Knowing its format is fundamental to elucidate until what day the term of two months that the Constitution qualifies if the investiture fails in a first attempt, which is what the current state of negotiations points to.

A reform of the Organic Law of the General Electoral System (LOREG) of 2016, approved by the Senate just prior to the successful inauguration of Mariano Rajoy in October, shortened the electoral deadlines if such a situation occurred, contained in Article 99.5 of the Constitution .

This is what happened after the elections of December 2015. Pedro Sánchez was exposed to an investiture that did not materialize, the period of two months marked by the Constitution was activated and, as the term was over, no one showed up, the elections were reconvened.

Then the 54 days established by the electoral legislation passed. Since the reform of the Law of 2016, 47 will have to pass.

For the electoral repetition to fall on a Sunday, if there is no successful investiture before, there must be two temporary circumstances: that the beginning of the debate is Tuesday, July 16 or Tuesday, 23 and that day only the candidate speaks. If so, the first vote would be held on Wednesday 17 or Wednesday 24.

With this vote the term of two months begins, so the deadlines for the President of the Government would be framed on September 17 or September 24.

The electoral reform of 2016, additional seventh provision of the LOREG, indicates that the royal decree of electoral convocation will be issued the day after the end of the term and will take effect exactly that day, that is, September 18 or September 25. .

Just then the 47-day timer is activated, so the elections would be, in the first case, on November 3, and in the second, on the 10th.

The peculiarity is that on November 3 is bridge Sunday, on November 1, All Saints, while the 10 happens to the festivity of La Almudena, but it falls on Saturday.

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