September 19, 2020

The investigations into residences of the Prosecutor’s Office amount to 110, the majority in Madrid and Catalonia

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains 110 criminal investigations into the deaths of the elderly with coronavirus in residences across the country, as reported by the State Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday. Of the set of proceedings, 42 have been opened in Madrid, the community with the highest number of investigations followed by Catalonia, which has 24 open investigations to clarify the circumstances of the high number of elderly people who died in these centers due to coronavirus.

The data is higher in criminal matters than that provided last week, when the Prosecutor’s Office raised to 86 the number of residences investigated for possible crime. In mid-April there were 38 open proceedings. After Madrid and Catalonia, the communities with the most open investigations are Galicia, with eleven, and Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y León, with ten proceedings each.

The increase has been caused by the increase in complaints filed by family members and workers in the residences, which have become a focus of transmission of the virus among the elderly. Regarding the proceedings that have been filed, the Prosecutor General’s Office assures that the reasons respond to the “prospective nature of the complaints filed.” In Spain there are about 5,457 residences, between public and private.


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