The investigation into the deceased rules out that he died crushed by the ash of the La Palma volcano

The family of the deceased told the newspaper El Mundo yesterday that “Either he died from the gases of the volcano or from natural death” since the roof of the home, located in the Corazoncillo urbanization, was in “perfect condition”. The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, for its part, reported that “the preliminary autopsy on the body of the man who died while collecting ash in the exclusion zone on La Palma does not allow an accurate diagnosis of the cause of death”, so, he added, “it is necessary to wait for the analytics, which will take several days” to give results. The court of first instance and instruction number 1 of Los Llanos de Aridane is in charge of taking the case, which is investigated by the Civil Guard.

The mayor of El Paso, Sergio Rodríguez, explained to Cope that the deceased had accessed the exclusion zone to collect belongings and clean the roofs of ashes together with a group of people, among whom was a councilor from the municipal formation who directs. “There is an established protocol that indicates that people have to enter with those responsible, with a certain number of cars and a certain area,” said the mayor, who stressed that neighbors never go “alone”; Julio Camacho “was not alone either.”

In the convoy in which the victim was embedded was the municipal mayor, who told the councilor that at one point Julio Camacho warned that he had to leave. “The councilor is aware that Julio had left,” he said. And it had an impact: “Everyone thought that Julio had left because he had said so”. The crew returned to their respective homes with the thought that the 72-year-old retiree had also returned to his family. At the exit control located in the El Charco area, in the municipality of Fuencaliente, they also did not notice that there was a person who had not left the exclusion zone.

All this happened last Friday. Saturday was when the family gave notice that the deceased had not returned. That day they found the body of Julio Camacho inside the home of a relative. At first it was reported that his death had been due to a collapse of the roof of the building due to the weight of the volcanic sand, with two hypotheses: that he had fallen when he was on the roof or that the collapse of the roof had him crushed to death.

The family already clarified it yesterday to the aforementioned Madrid newspaper by pointing to a possible heart attack or gas poisoning as possible causes of his death, but in no case was it caused by an accident since the roof was “in perfect condition”, so It is ruled out that the ash emitted by the volcano was related to his death. “I saw those roofs days before and they were quite clean, they had been cleaned, they could not weigh so much as to have sunk the roof,” a relative told the newspaper.

Already during the 57 days of emergency due to the volcanic eruption, searches for people who had not left the exclusion zone in the established time. In the third week, the Gran Canaria Consortium firefighters had to access a point very close to the volcanic cone to rescue a scientist who had come too close to the emitting center without following the indications from the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan ( Pevolca). On that occasion, the protocol worked and made it possible to detect that someone had stayed in the exclusion zone.

On other occasions, the agents who are at the controls have not been able to detect the presence of people who enter the prohibited area for those who have no relation to the emergency. These use trails or secondary roads that are not guarded to gain access. It was the case of the four young people who They were photographed near the volcano and then uploaded the images to social networks to show off about it. The Civil Guard managed to identify them. Or the so-called ‘A Team’, which rescued the hounds that were trapped in a pond in Las Manchas. The last episode occurred on Sunday when the Civil Guard rescued a lost foreign hiker, although this time he was near the exclusion zone and not inside.


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