'The intuition of the island' is presented this Wednesday in Lanzarote

Pilar del Río, with her new book, last May. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

The room in Arrecife of the César Manrique Foundation hosts the act on the volume of Pilar del Río on the activity of Samarago in Tías

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Cesar Manrique Foundation (FCM) presents this wednesday
'The intuition of the island. The days of José Saramago in Lanzarote'.

It is a book written by
River Pillar and edited by Itineraria which, taking Saramago's house in Lanzarote as its guiding motif, gathers a series of experiences, events and shared emotions, while going through the narratives that the Nobel Prize winner gave birth to in the last cycle of his life, under the light of the easternmost island of the Canary Islands where
settled in 1992.

The presentation of the book, which the author herself presented last month at the book fair in the capital of Gran Canaria,
will take place at 7:30 p.m.on the
José Saramago Hall of La Plazuela, in Arrecife.

The event will take place in a colloquium format and, together with the author, will participate both the book's prologue and biographer of the Portuguese writer,
Fernando Gomez Aguileraas the editor of the same,
Alba Canton.

Public assistance is free until full capacity and
the use of the mask inside the room is mandatory.

A volume "for friends"

Del Río describes 'La intuition de la isla' as a
"book for friends" since, through its pages, readers will be able to approach various unique moments that occurred in
To home and share what life was like for José Saramago while he was writing his works: walks around Lanzarote, the ideas from which his novels arose, living with his dogs, encounters on the island with friends like
Carlos Fuentes, Ernesto Sábato, Susan Sontag or Bertoluccithe visits he received, the experiences he brought back from the trips and the friendships forged.

The book has
illustrations by Juan José Cuadrado and photographs that document some moments that are narrated.

In addition, it is completed with
Universal Charter of Human Duties, an initiative that José Saramago launched at the Nobel Prize ceremony and years later was taken up by the José Saramago Foundation and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. After a period of debate and preparation, the document was delivered to the UN.

According to Fernando Gómez Aguilera, «Pilar del Río
gives scintillating form to the everyday epic of Saramago in Lanzarote, while he composes a hymn to the culture of hospitality cultivated in his home, where sharing is chiseled with the characters of a law».

All this, however, "even when the narrator voluntarily submits to an explicit ellipsis" in the narration,
nuances the prologue"a discard that evicts the true co-protagonist of the referred story from the story," he adds.

Pilar del Río (Seville, 1950) is a journalist and translator. She has worked on television, press and radio, always committed to feminism and political and social freedoms. In 1986 she met her future husband, José Saramago, with whom she formed a life and work team.
President of the José Saramago Foundationwhich in its declaration of principles assumes the defense of culture, Human Rights and care for the environment as a reason for being.

ONCE Coupon

ONCE dedicates its coupon for Sunday, June 19, to the centenary of the birth of José Saramago, a writer closely linked to the Canary Islands, since he moved to Lanzarote in 1992.

José Antonio López, Territorial Delegate of ONCE in the Canary Islands,
Joseph John Cruzmayor of the city council of Tías and Pilar del Río, president of the José Saramago Foundation, presented it this Tuesday to the media in the library of the
Saramago's house in Tías.

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