Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

The interview with Álex Márquez full of zascas to his brother Marc

The newly proclaimed Moto 2 world champion, Alex Marquez, passed Wednesday on the set of
The Anthill
. It was the first time that he went alone to the program of Pablo Motos, since he had always come with his older brother. Precisely Marc was protagonist of the interview no need to be present, since he is recovering from an operation on his shoulder.

The night began with a series of memories of the two fastest brothers in Spain. Márquez's mother wanted to collaborate with the Antena 3 space with a curious detail. The driver gave way to some unpublished photos of the two world champions in his childhood. Pablo Seized the moment to remind him that next season will be partners in the same brand, but in reality they will be rivals in the circuit.

'El Hormiguero': Marc Márquez celebrated his Moto 2 world championship

'El Hormiguero': Marc Márquez celebrated his Moto 2 world championship

Although the brothers are used to success, there are times when a victory is very difficult to celebrate. This is what happened to Marc at the end of the Malaysian GP, ​​career in which he won the title. The heat was so unbearable that it almost cost him a faint, that's why his brother asked him to breathe before he started the celebration.

Although he was not on the set in person, the night was full of references to the hexacampeón. At one point, the program put a video of Marc himself in which he wanted to intervene in the interview in El Hormiguero. The Catalan could not attend, although he would have liked it, and recommended Pablo Motos not "hesitating" the guest much because he was much taller than he. "It takes us two heads," he said with a laugh.

During the video he recorded, he also had time to play a joke on Marc, who fell into the trap he had set, demonstrating the great relationship they have between them. "Look back," he said from the rehabilitation of his shoulder operation. Alex turned and found that everything was a joke, to the laughter of the whole set.

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