Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The interns denounce that the Administration has allowed "to cover as temporary structural spaces"

The interns denounce that the Administration has allowed "to cover as temporary structural spaces"

Around a hundred interns of all administrations have concentrated this noon at the gates of the City of Madrid. They have denounced that their situation is "an undercover ERE at the national level", which will affect the 700,000 workers like them that exist throughout the country.

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Some accumulate more than three decades as interim or even "there have been cases of people who have retired in this situation." "The Administration has been using an abusive system where the place was not temporary, it was structural, that is, fundamental for this work to work properly," says María Victoria, sixteen years of internship. "We have the same qualification as the incumbents because we do the same, although we never put up any problems because our work is in a thread", contributes Juan Luis, thirty years of interim Justice.

They ask that the lack of public employment offers be taken into account during the crisis and they denounce that they are in an inferior position to prepare them for those who do not have family responsibilities or have to work. "We are talking about more than ten years waiting for a place, given the exceptional situation that was caused by the crisis, we consider that it should be taken into account," María Victoria protests.

"I am 21 years old, I am a medical specialist, who would you prefer to be treated, someone who has just left or someone with experience," Ana asks, interim health. They assure that with more than three years in the position, the person is already necessary for the Administration.

They also denounce that "they have not taken into account the merits that have accumulated both in years worked and in courses they have been doing". They admit that there has to be a test but that "consolidating employment is not making an opposition for everyone who can enter the Administration without having experience over those who have it", protests Juan Luis, Acting Justice.


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