The International Congress of Integrated Circuits awards a doctoral student from the ULPGC

Laura Quintana Quintana, student of Doctoral Program in Telecommunication Technologies and Computational Engineering of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), has been awarded with the Best PhD Poster Awards at XXXVI Congress "Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems" (DCIS 2021). The DCIS 2021 Congress, which this year was held in Vila do Conde, Portugal and was organized by the Faculty of Engineering University of Porto, is a research forum organized annually since 1981. It is open to the presentation and discussion of new research results on integrated electronic circuits and systems, their diversified fields of application, enabling technologies, design methodologies and tools.

In one of the sessions of the Congress, a competition was held in which the doctoral students presented their doctoral theses in poster format. This competition gave students the opportunity to briefly present their research advances and discuss them with conference attendees. The winning poster, presented by the ULPGC student Laura Quintana, was titled "Targeting Cancer Detection through Hyperspectral Microscopic Technology”And presents the progress made in his first year of doctorate. The student's doctoral thesis, directed by Dr. Gustavo Marrero Callicó, researcher at the University Institute of Applied Microelectronics (IUMA), and Dr. Samuel Ortega SarmientoA graduate of the ULPGC and researcher at the NOFIMA research center, Norway, his goal is to diagnose breast cancer through hyperspectral imaging using histological samples.

The award-winning, Laura Quintana, graduated from the Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Carlos III University of Madrid in June 2019. Later, he graduated from the Master of Research in Applied Electronics and Telecommunications of the ULPGC in 2020. Since then, he has developed his research activity in the Division of Integrated Systems Design of the IUMA of the ULPGC, in the field of bioengineering. In 2020, she started working as a researcher in the research projects ITHaCA (Hyperspectral Identification of Brain Tumors) and PLATINO (Distributed HW / SW Platform for the Intelligent Processing of Heterogeneous Sensory Information in Supervision Applications of Large Natural Spaces). Currently, the researcher is focused on the use of hyperspectral images for different applications within the medical field, especially in hyperspectral histology for cancer analysis.

Presence of the ULPGC

On the other hand, other members of the ULPGC university community also attended this congress. Specifically, in the Hyperspectral Imaging session, different members of the IUMA presented their latest research advances. The PhD candidate in Telecommunication Technologies and Computational Engineering, Raquel León, presented her work entitled “Hyperspectral VNIR and NIR Sensors for the Analysis of Human Normal Brain and Tumor Tissue"And the already doctor, also in Telecommunication Technologies and Computational Engineering and a PhD candidate in Research in Biomedicine, Himar Fabelo, presented his work"Evaluating the use of Hyperspectral Imaging as Complementary Blood Sample Tests”.


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