The International Chamber of Commerce confirms that Medina and Luceño used false documents to sell masks to the City Council

The International Chamber of Commerce confirms that Medina and Luceño used false documents to sell masks to the City Council

A report from the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) to which this newspaper has had access confirms that the documentation presented by the commission agents Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño for the mask contracts they presented to the Madrid City Council was false and is not endorsed by that organization.

In a document dated May 11 of this year sent to the mask case court, this international organization confirms that Luceño and Medina used model contracts “falsely attributed to the ICC” with an “old” letterhead that was used “between January 1997 and 2013”. According to the text, that letterhead appears on successive pages of the documentation that the court has in the case that investigates the millionaire commissions that both pocketed for the sale of masks to the Madrid City Council.

"Having seen the contracts that are attached to the letter of April 29, 2022 of the Investigating Court No. 47 of Madrid (...), I declare that the International Chamber of Commerce is not its author nor has it participated in its preparation or drafting of its stipulations, nor has the use of an old letterhead been authorized”, indicates in the document Jordi Sellarés Serra, general secretary of the Spanish Committee of the ICC.

The judge investigating the case, Adolfo Carretero, had asked the Spanish delegation of the ICC in Paris at the end of April to clarify whether "he participated in the preparation of the contracts or some of their stipulations, or authorized the incorporation of his letterhead to them, and if they correspond to the document models endorsed by the ICC”, something that this report now rejects. The judge wanted to know if Luceño used "a false model" that included an "old logo" of the organization to justify to the bank the operation that led him to collect 5 million euros in commissions for the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council.

Carretero also asked the agency if Luceño and Medina are or had been his partners and in what periods, to find out if the former's arguments that he always acted according to the Chamber's stipulations were true or not. In this sense, the ICC report clarifies that "neither of the two investigated has ever been a member of this Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce", which it states is also an "impediment" to using the official models of the body destinations to facilitate international trade.

The report also denies that the agency generally provides guidelines on what percentage of commissions is appropriate for intermediaries to charge, as Luceño had argued during his statement before the judge. In court, the businessman denied having falsified documentation from the Leno company, from which he bought the masks that he later sold to the Consistory, and from the Paris Chamber of Commerce to justify income as sudden as millionaires. "No document presented at the bank is false, there is only a typo on the date, the signatures are those of Mr. Medina and Mr. San Chin Choon [propietario de Leno]", said.

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