Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The internal dispute over the management of the pandemic knocks down the Kosovar government

Internal disagreements over the management of the coronavirus crisis have fractured the Kosovo government coalition on Wednesday, which has lost the confidence of Parliament after only seven weeks in power.

One of the two government parties, the conservative Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), today presented a motion of censure against the Executive of which it was part with the ultra-nationalist Self-determination, by Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The proposal went ahead with the support of 82 of the 120 deputies of the Pristine Parliament, according to the Koha information portal, which broadcast the session, which lasted twelve hours.

Kurti insisted before the House today that his government is managing the coronavirus crisis well, and denounced that the real reason for the motion was to open the door to an exchange of territories with Serbia, from which Kosovo unilaterally became independent in 2008.

In Kosovo, one of the poorest countries in Europe, 71 positives for COVID-19 have been detected so far, with a deceased person.

The LDK presented the motion after Kurti dismissed the interior minister, a member of this party, for supporting the decree of a state of emergency in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

That measure, rejected by Kurti as “unnecessary” and “extreme”, has been proposed by the President of Kosovo, Hahim Thaci, who in turn has criticized the government for limiting the hours that citizens can go out.

The Kosovar government took office on February 3 after four months of negotiations.

President Thaci must now ask Kurti to try to form a new government. If they fail, new elections will be held, the third in three years.


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