'The Intermediate' apologizes after the controversial 'sketch' of Dani Mateo with the flag of Spain | TV

'The Intermediate' apologizes after the controversial 'sketch' of Dani Mateo with the flag of Spain | TV

The intermediate wants to end the criticisms poured after the controversial sketch issued last Wednesday which showed Dani Mateo, one of the usual collaborators of the humor program, sounding with a Spanish flag. The program apologized during its broadcast on Monday night to underline that "there was no political intentionality or any editorial positioning behind, it was simply humor", in the mouth of the Great Wyoming, the driver of the space that is broadcast from Monday to Thursday in The sixth. Wyoming clarified that if "the joke has not worked" by generating "social tension instead of provoking laughter" it is evident that this is a "failed gag". He added: "Therefore, we do not have problems in asking sincere apologies to people who have felt offended."

The presenter wanted to emphasize that during the almost two thousand chapters issued the intention of all those who carry out the program has not been to offend. For Wyoming, the controversy has raised "several injustices" and set the example of the attacks suffered by Dani Mateo on social networks as a result of the sketch. "The cruelty suffered these days by our partner has already reached the personal level." Mateo clarified that he "does not even write the scripts" and assured that "the writers are not guilty of anything".

The day after the broadcast, Mateo was trending topic On twitter. The comedian defended himself by reiterating that "He never intended to offend." However, the criticism intensified with more force from different social and institutional areas. The profile of the Civil Guard in the same social network was an example. In a message, the armed institute said: "Not respecting the flag is not humor, it is offending gratuitously those who feel proud."

The Baviera Clinic said in a statement that canceled the advertising campaign starring the comedian, "also removing the image of Matthew from its website and social networks" due to the controversy generated. The ophthalmological clinic argued that "it could not defend expressions like those made by Dani Mateo" and advocated "respect for symbols."

This Monday, in an interview with Cadena Ser, Mateo said he felt "bad". "To receive threats, my family, my girl, I, the companies I work with ... Many can accuse me of being naive, but I did not know how to predict the dimension," he acknowledged. The comedian defended the type of comedy he performs in The intermediate since "it looks for the provocation" and lamented that "the people cling to the symbols above the people".


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